RedGT Dork
6/27/19 12:59 p.m.

No longer available as I had more interest in my truck and sold that instead.  Keeping this as a winter/track beater for a while.



2006 Mazda3i 2.0 Sedan, 5 spd manual.  192k miles.  Current 10/19 PA inspection, can get inspected again before sale if you live in PA, then it would be good until 7/2020.

I've owned this for over 3 years and 30k miles as my daily and track car.  It's got Koni STR.T shocks, lowering springs, and - best part - Mazdaspeed3 brake conversion.  And it's the lightest possible configuration of the chassis.  To say it brakes well is an understatement.  It brakes....beautifully.  By data and video it out-brakes a well prepped, well driven Z06 and is incredibly easy to modulate.  No fade.  So much fun.  I've done 8 or 9 TrackNightInAmerica (3x 20-minute sessions)  with this car.  It's easy on consumables and includes 3.5 sets of wheels to use take-off 16" and 17" tires from your autocross buddies.  I've never paid for track tires for it.

Base model.  Manual windows, manual locks, no sunroof.

A/C, PS, Cruise, steering wheel controls, upgraded OEM seats w/ height and lumbar adjust.

There's rust forming on the body around the rear wheel wells and under the driver door sill.  Because Mazda sheet metal sucks.  The bottom of the car is pretty clean and working on it has been easy, including rear wheel hubs/bearings and control arms done recently with no rusty or stuck bolts.

What it needs to drive home or continue daily driving it:  Nothing.  It seriously doesn't even use oil at 192k miles.  I'm still driving it til it sells.

What it needs before the next track day:  Left front wheel bearing seemed like it got noisy after 2.5 sessions at Pocono (many heavily loaded right turns) last time out.  Since it's the original 192k mile wheel bearing, I bought both bearings and a bunch of other front end stuff to just throw at the whole thing, but didn't get around to it yet.  There's no discernible play in the hub and no noise on the street and it's been driven about 1,000 miles since that event a month ago.  

Pads are mazda OEM, and only 2 events on them.  The last set lasted something like 80k miles and 7 events.  They work incredibly well.  RX8 guys often run these OEM pads for track use too.

New under my ownership:  Both front lower control arms and bushings.  Koni STR.T shocks.  Both rear wheel bearings.  Rear rotors.  Rear pads.  Front pads.  A/C belt.  Accessory belt.  Frequent oil changes w/ Bosch filters and Rotella 5w40.  PS engine mount.  Lower engine mount.


* (4) NC MX-5 17x7 wheels w/ 225 Conti DW daily/rain tires

* (4) NC Mx-5 17x7 wheels w/ well worn 215 Bridgestone RE71R  Should be good for one more TNiA-length event.

* (4) Sport Edition 16x? wheels w/ half-life snow tires

* (2) Mazda3 OEM 17" wheels w/ decent tread 225 RE71R

* (4) unmounted well-used 205/16" RE71R that were going to be the next set I put on for track use.

* (2-4) more unmounted 215 or 205 RE71R.  Yeah, I don't even know how many tires i have for this thing.  8-10 wheels w/ tires will fit inside the car, if you're not local we can adjust price based on what fits :p

Other included parts: New trans mount, all the front end parts mentioned above, New front rotors, stock springs and radio, and a box of various OEM mazda parts new in packages.

I'd like to get $2700 for everything, but between actual receipts for uninstalled and un-needed parts plus conservative values for the bazillion wheels, challenge friendly receipts can read like $1600 for the car without  pushing it.  If you want to do more FMV research it could probably be a lot lower.  Stop reminding me.

Location is eastern PA, between Kutztown and Allentown.

Reason for selling it all is that I bought a Camaro for a new track/daily thing.  Still not sure was a smart decision but 3 years is a REALLY LONG time for me to keep one car so it's time for something different.

accordionfolder Dork
6/27/19 2:28 p.m.

Funny - I was just getting ready to do something similar (Mazdaspeed3 -> v6 1le Camaro) when we decided to go from our cx-5 to cx-9 (2.5T!!). So now I'm still tracking my MS3 still (nothing wrong with it except lack of camber) and my Exocet. Which camaro did you get? What pads was this car running? I've been doing EBC yellow stuff and having good results, but last time I was out I was having some fairly bad fade @ Barber - but it's rough on the brakes there. 

These are fantastic track cars! Someone will have a ball with it. 

RedGT Dork
6/27/19 3:04 p.m.

Speed3 OEM pads.  B3YF3323Z.  At $150/set they ain't cheap but they do work and last quite a while on this car at Pocono and NJMP.  But this car is about 500 lbs lighter than yours, and going a bit slower so it's gonna be a LOT easier on brakes.



Strizzo PowerDork
6/28/19 10:11 p.m.

I have a hotchkiss adjustable rear sway with ms3 endlinks that makes it as tail happy as you want. Available for sale to whoever buys it

RedGT Dork
7/2/19 7:41 a.m.

Update:  I'd do $1600 for just the car, without all the extra wheels/tires, for GRM.  I, uh, have been reminded how much of a pain Craigslist is now.

7/3/19 6:29 a.m.

I might be interested, I live a couple of hours east of you. Let me see if I can go check it out this weekend.

Do they ever give you trouble during tech for the rust?

RedGT Dork
7/3/19 8:53 a.m.

1) Never had any issues with tech.

2) Plenty of track cars, in general, especially as you look at LeMons and Chump stuff, have worse rust that run with no issues.

3) State inspection, if relevant to you, doesn't have any issue with it because it's not a hole into the passenger cabin.  For 2021 inspection you may need to patch the rocker area depending how picky your inspector is.  But it's the same kind of crap that NA Miatas get, it's not ACTUALLY into the passenger area but inspectors sometimes think so.

I am around Friday and Sunday this weekend.

RedGT Dork
7/3/19 12:14 p.m.

Now with 09/2020 PA inspection

HopmanJones New Reader
7/5/19 9:02 a.m.

Might be interested, have been looking for a RallyCross car. Is the bolt pattern 5x114? Do you still have the stock springs? 

RedGT Dork
7/5/19 9:34 a.m.

Yes it is 5x114.3, yes I do have the stock springs.

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