AxeHealey Dork
1/19/21 3:45 p.m.

I just think VW ownership and I aren't meant to be. My entire experience with this car/VW has been terrible. I searched far and wide to find a CPO, diesel, manual trans, low mileage Sportwagen with no sunroof  preferably in white. I found this on at Fred Beans in Philly, made a deal and did a fly and drive home. 

While signing paperwork, the finance manager tried repeatedly to overcharge me and add various BS things into the deal. I worked at a used car dealer for a while and even the sketchiest finance manager we had wouldn't act how this guy did. I won't rant too long but the long and short is that it has spent a total of months at the dealer in my ownership having them try to fix issues that they have yet been unable to cure. One appears to just be a "characteristic" of these dieselgate cars with a manual trans in that it stumbles and bucks at certain RPMs. Full disclosure is that this is a problem that irritates me, doesn't bother a number of car friends that have ridden with me and enough people love these cars that I seem to be in the minority. 

Most recently, I was informed by VW Credit that some Infiniti dealer submitted a payoff for the wrong account, it was applied to my account and mine was closed, title sent to me. Then, once they got the account back up and running, I almost immediately started to get calls fom VW Credit that my account was past due.

The car just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


  • Very clean, pretty low miles
    • Some expected rock chips on the hood
    • A slice in the paint under the rear window weather stripping that I'm guessing happened when the window was smashed and hastily repaired. I found some broken glass in the spare tire well to support this assumption
    • A poorly removed tow bar (by the VW dealer to CPO it) with the holes filled with what is probably some metal and mostly seam sealer
  • Brand new clutch and flywheel put in by VW trying to remedy a shake (2019) among a number of other parts they loaded into the cannon. Yes, a dealer loading the parts cannon.
  • Slicktop
  • 80 mph+ long distance cruises at almost 40mpg
  • CPO through June of this year
  • Stock 16in wheels with brand new Nokian snows
  • 18in "Prismas" with good BFG rubber for summer
  • Just had it's most recent oil change at VW last week and the dealer could find nothing else to do to it. It's a really great car in everyone's eyes but mine.


  • With a clear head, the real negative of this car is primarily the experience I've had with it. It's a nice example and has been perfectly reliable, it just annoys me. My goal was to drive it until it wouldn't drive anymore but I just don't know if I can take it. 
  • It exhibits what is apparently now a characteristic of the "fixed" dieselgate cars and stumbles and bucks, occasionally dramatically (it's typically worst when cold), at like 1,800 - 2,000 rpm
    • This can be remedied by an aftermarket tune I'm told and I'll be doing that if I keep it
  • It definitely has a minor shake. It's been looked over, aligned, various wheel and tire combos, etc and it doesn't go away. Like the stumbling issue, it bothers me, others don't seem to mind. Not felt in the steering wheel or the brake pedal, it's just...lumpy... for lack of a better description. 


I think $10,000 is likely at the top end of what I can for it but with the Prismas included, I think it ain't a bad deal. It's my daily and although I work from home these days, I can't be without a daily driver for very long and I don't know what else I would buy right now but I'd love to not see it anymore. I'm not listing it anywhere else right now so if a GRMer wants it and we can reach a deal, that's how I would accomplish that. I have tons of pictures of all of my cars and if it gives you any idea of how much I dislike this thing, as I'm writing this, I can't find a single one on my current computer. *pulls out the external hard drive*


This is from my trip home in June '19. Those are the wheels currently wearing the brand new Nokian Nordman 7s. The only pic I can find of it with the Prismas is this below from mocking it up.

They're wrapped in BFG Sport Comp 2, 225/40R18 that have one summer of use on them.


I know this is a subpar for sale ad but that's partially because I'm really only considering selling it. TLDR; great car for someone, likely not for me long-term. Anyone want it?


Pattyo Reader
1/20/21 12:02 p.m.

Just my 2 cents... What exactly is low mileage?

I work at a place like Carmax and without the vin or a plate, it looks like trade in value is $6500.

Manual trans hurts it a little, 18s help it a little.

If you get real grumpy and decide to sell to Carmax, I can give you a little more than them and I'll pick it up.

AxeHealey Dork
1/20/21 1:09 p.m.

Whoops, mileage. It's got about 63,000 miles. 

John Welsh
John Welsh Mod Squad
1/20/21 1:28 p.m.

On autotrader, searching nation wide there is currently  one of similar which is a '15/ 75k asking $14k in Vermont.  You're probably really well priced at $10k, but you're gonna need some national exposure to get a car like this sold.  GRM may get it done but you should also really try to hype up the car on the internet.  Things like Samba/Vortex and FB groups will be needed. 

You traveled far for this car.  Expect that the next buyer will travel far too.  

clutchsmoke UltraDork
1/20/21 2:01 p.m.

Wife has a 2010 TDI sportwagon w/ DSG. It came to us with a tune on it. The tune will 98% fix your issue with it. It hasn't done it in months, but it will still occasionally have some stumbles and or surging. It seems to happen when it has only seen shorter trips for a while. GLWS!

AxeHealey Dork
1/20/21 2:50 p.m.

John - good points as always. If/when I get to the point where it's just GOT to go, it'll definitely be listed nationwide.

clutchsmoke - hearing that at least gives me additional confidence that a tune will alleviate a bunch of my frustration. 


Maybe tuning it in June and reevaluating at that point is the right move. The tune will certainly not make is less marketable and actually would probably do the opposite.

Hoondavan HalfDork
1/20/21 3:08 p.m.

GLWS.  Seems reasonably priced.  The price points on CPO dieselgate cars seem to be creeping up recently..especially wagons w/6MT.  The fact it's a 6MT will likely add quite a bit of value in a private-sale.  Looking at, the lowest price 6MT TDI wagens in the country are just under $10k, and tend to have over 100k miles.  

The fact it's a slicktop is a major +++...the panoramic roofs are known to leak and require costly repairs.  

I'd say either sell it while there's till a CPO warranty, or go with an APR tune and see if you love the car.  Check out the TDIclub forum or vwvortex for more advice on tuning.



Slippery (Forum Supporter)
Slippery (Forum Supporter) UltraDork
1/20/21 5:10 p.m.

I have a car with similar valuation problems that I am looking at selling in the next couple of months, a 2014 BMW 328xd wagon. 

Trade in value is not in line with the street value of these diesel wagons. You usually see a couple of thousands difference between trade in and private sale, but these have a wider gap. 

I think I will give Bring a Trailer a shot. You should consider it, submit it to see what they say, worst case you decline. 

I think your car is well priced. 

clutchsmoke UltraDork
1/20/21 6:26 p.m.
AxeHealey said:

John - good points as always. If/when I get to the point where it's just GOT to go, it'll definitely be listed nationwide.

clutchsmoke - hearing that at least gives me additional confidence that a tune will alleviate a bunch of my frustration. 


Maybe tuning it in June and reevaluating at that point is the right move. The tune will certainly not make is less marketable and actually would probably do the opposite.

I wouldn't wait. We brought it in to the dealer for a no start issue which was traced to poorly installed subwoofer wiring. Dealer never said a word about the aftermarket tune and during the diagnosis process they threw some warranty parts at it before they tracked down the issue. YMMV.

Hoondavan HalfDork
1/20/21 6:52 p.m.

Take a look at as well.  It's fairly new, seems to have more cars in line with this one.  Lots of modern cars that are somewhat unique. BaT can be pretty particular about what they list.

AxeHealey Dork
1/21/21 7:20 a.m.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm glad there seems to be agreement about price.

I suppose tuning it now would get me my answer sooner as to whether I keep it or not. I'm just worried about the YMMV disclaimer as I've had bad luck with VW so far. 


Carsandbids, I think, would be a great fit for this car. BaT would likely work too but carsandbids seems to have more "normal" cars. It's become one of my daily internet break visits. I'll leave this thread up and continue to ponder how badly it needs to go and maybe tuning it sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, if anyone wants it... you know where to find me! 

John Welsh
John Welsh Mod Squad
1/21/21 8:27 a.m.

In this thread there were two comments that myself and someone else price compared your car to autotrader and  That seems to be where people still go to see if they can find something relatively new and for things that may require searching far.  I have no opinion as to which is better but I think autotrader is $50 for an ad and it runs until it sells.  Generally a cheap way to "get it out there" 

AxeHealey Dork
1/26/21 9:32 a.m.

Found a pic with the Prismas actually on the car.

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