Vendetta12 New Reader
2/16/22 12:18 a.m.



Hyundai Genesis Coupe for sale

187,xxx miles, will go up because I daily this 

Clean title, no rust, and oil changes done every 3-4k miles for the time I have owned it. Fresh tires on the rear

Minimal mods: Synapse BOV, muffler delete (both done by shops with receipts), lowering springs, and Spec D tail lights. 

The R-Spec model comes stock with Brembo brakes, a light racing clutch, and a lsd. 

10k cash located in Marietta, GA 

message me at 812-212-4101

SKJSS (formerly Klayfish)
SKJSS (formerly Klayfish) PowerDork
2/16/22 6:04 a.m.

I'm close enough to put eyes on it if anyone here is interested.  I do note that it appears to be idling at 1550rpm.  Don't know enough about these cars to say much more than that, but it caught my eye.

Vendetta12 New Reader
2/16/22 10:49 a.m.

In reply to SKJSS (formerly Klayfish) :

It idles high when the engine has just started and is cold, it slowly makes it's way to around 800 rpm as it warms up. 

oldsaw UltimaDork
3/10/22 6:34 p.m.

In reply to Vendetta12 :

Any chance the car is still available?

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