cyow5 Reader
2/12/21 1:16 p.m.

I originally bought it from the original dealer (Texas) three years ago and have since put about 20k miles on it without any issues other than a burned out screen on the climate control (since replaced). I bought this car since we were expected our first kid, and I thought it would be fun to try and see if it could work with a family of three and two dogs - and it actually did! When a second kid came along though, I decided to go with a bigger car and still kept this one for a year since I just couldn't let go of it. I could use the garage space though, so here you go. It does have two minor accidents reported. One was with the previous owner and one with me when I still had paper tags on it. Someone in a van thought they could just pull out of their spot right into the side of my car, so the damage was minor, and I have all that documentation.

Here are the details:
-68,567 total miles and won't go up much.
-About halfway through the '13MY, Mini upgraded the Clubman JCWs to a much-upgraded BMW N18 motor, so this one has that upgrade addressing the Mini reputation for reliability
-Packages include JCW, comfort access, automatic climate control, navigation (which was a must for me since it camouflages the weird center speedo), backup sensors, factory roof rail (also a must for me since I hate aftermarket ones)
-Maintenance under my ownership has been mostly oil changes, but I also have replaced the cabin air filter, engine air filter, spark plugs, rotors, and pads. Rotors are dimpled/slotted EBC and pads are EBC Green Stuff. There is also a section of rubber trim underneath the windshield that commonly degrades, and I have just replaced it. 
-Absolutely no known issues. Aside from a couple paint chips and a couple interior vibrations from trim, this car belies its age.

Asking price is $16,500. The nearest comp I can find is a '12 with the inferior N14 motor and 60k miles asking $16k. 







cyow5 Reader
3/1/21 10:46 a.m.

Bump and price drop to $15,900. It is listed other places, too, but I wanted to make sure the price here reflects the other places. 

cyow5 Reader
3/18/21 1:19 p.m.

Since I can't figure out how to close this thread, the car has been accepted by Cars and Bids and will be auctioned through there instead. 

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