Stang_guy03 Reader
7/3/15 6:16 p.m.

Hi folks I'm posting these up for my son.

4 custom wheels and tires bought to fit a 96 Ford Explorer, but will fit Rangers and other small pickup/ SUV type vehicles. He's looking to get $850.00 out of them. They are almost brand new as you can see in the pictures. He just bought a new/used truck and needs the cash. These are well worth the price.

He can be contacted through his email, He works at night and this is easier for him.

Or PM me directly with any questions. I'm on the site daily.

They are located in Saginaw, MI and all shipping cost will purchaser's responsibility, but can be arranged for.

wheels. Ultra Motorsports Rogue w/ 20 lugs & center caps

tires. Goodyear Wrangler Armortrac , 235/75/15, with 620 miles on them

<img src=" photo 11350324_962224297155636_206553818_n_zpszluxjbeu.jpg" /> <img src=" photo 11657510_962224287155637_60862672_n_zpsz793sof8.jpg" /> <img src=" photo 11692847_962224333822299_1996504594_n_zpsjbytbthx.jpg" /> <img src=" photo 11719839_962224317155634_2101893186_n_zpsojs21yjs.jpg" />

Stang_guy03 Reader
9/4/15 7:58 p.m.


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