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6/2/14 2:40 p.m.


1996 (1.8) Miata with factory hard top setup as track car by professional race shop. Reliable and inexpensive to operate, built leveraging years of Miata track car setup and parts selection experience. If you are looking for a reliable, fun inexpensive track car, this is it!

Numerous top quality after market and OEM parts to include:

Driveline Rebuilt 1.8 motor (Built by Ed Gillfus Racing) 5 speed trans New clutch Torson limited slip differential Spec Miata alloy radiator Spec Miata exhaust system

Interior Spec Miata alloy race seats (2) 5 point harnesses (2) Heavy duty dual hoop roll bar (V8 roadsters) After market racing steering wheel with quick release

Suspension Daytona competition coil overs (with adjustable ride height, rebound and dampening) Spec Miata Sway bars Adjustable end links New castor camber bolts (where needed) Fresh front hubs Carbotech XP10 and XP8 track brake pads Suspension tuned (Scaled and aligned) and setup optimized.

Wheels and tires 15"x7" Kazera alloy rims with correct offset (Others also available) Good 225x15x45 Toyo RA1 track tires

Exterior Stock Miata metallic blue/green with Black hardtop. Exterior is not perfect (paint and or body blemishes) but is in good condition.

Car has been run during DE's only, by a DE instructor. Building a new car so this one get to go to a new home. Just the parts used in this reliable and fun track car build are worth more than the listing price.

$5495 OBO

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6/2/14 6:19 p.m.

Sorry SOLD !!

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6/2/14 8:08 p.m.

Welcome Mark!!

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