HoserRacing HalfDork
10/19/20 12:59 p.m.

Just found this on FB, I've got no time for a project, but willing to look at it if anyone is interested.




P3PPY HalfDork
10/19/20 2:43 p.m.

Are those Jag wheels or something? At this angle it looks for all the world like an older Jaguar 

EvanB (Forum Supporter)
EvanB (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
10/19/20 2:51 p.m.

Those are NB Miata wheels.

accordionfolder SuperDork
10/19/20 4:24 p.m.

In reply to EvanB (Forum Supporter) :

Those are definitely NB wheels to my eyes too, my slight googling says that a 1974 triumph spitfire isn't 4x100, what gives? 

EvanB (Forum Supporter)
EvanB (Forum Supporter) MegaDork
10/19/20 4:36 p.m.

Taking a closer look at the pictures it seems that the wheels are sitting quite far off the rotor/drum faces. Probably adapters. 

accordionfolder SuperDork
10/19/20 5:20 p.m.

In reply to EvanB (Forum Supporter) :

Ah, the simplest answer is usually the right answer. I was day-dreaming miata subframe swapped spitfires. 

dherr (Forum Supporter)
dherr (Forum Supporter) Dork
10/20/20 9:43 a.m.

Definitely wheel adapters to get it to 4x100. Unfortunately short of building a new frame, the Miata subframes don't fit in a Spitfire (too wide), so you either cut up the body, which is part of the main structure of this semi-unitbody car, or modify the existing frame for the Miata components and a Subaru rear. That was my approach and then you just reattach the body.

With that said, that Spitfire looks really cool with the 4x100 wheels and the hard top. But don't kid yourself, you are in for a real project if you want it to give it Miata like performance, most engine swaps on these cars end in failure due to not fixing the rear axle issues as it is barely adequate for the stock 1500cc engine, much less something more powerful.

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