steved033 New Reader
8/29/13 2:02 p.m.

NEWS FLASH: Lawrenceville, GA

Selling a dead project that a friend started and is collecting dust in my garage. yes, I have his permission to sell it.

1963 Austin healey sprite, no title, not needed in GA. new floors, good solid car. good windshield, no side glass, no latches (we were going to weld the doors shut). good trunk lid, fixable hood with some rust and dents on the leading edge.

2005 GSXR1000 car kit. harness, engine, throttle bodies, airbox, computer.

Mod-Lite driveshaft that is the perfect length. ModLites are a Midwest dirt oval series kinda like legends racing. They spec a GSXR1000 motor in a car that's surpisingly close to sprite sized.

$3000 into the project, best offer over $1500 taken

Needs brakes, clutch, fuel, and shifter to run.

text me, I can text or email some pictures.

Steve D. 678-333-8156

steved033 Reader
9/13/13 6:55 a.m.

new price. best offer over $1500 bucks...


mw Dork
9/13/13 11:54 a.m.

That's a great deal. The engine alone is worth the asking price. If you want to sell the driveshaft and adapter (if it comes with one), I'm interested.

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