jpworks New Reader
3/16/16 7:36 p.m.

1993 Mazda Miata, I built the car for D-Prepared class over the last two years. Car is currently posted on a few Facebook pages. If you want to see it here are some of the pages. Dixie Region SCCA, SCCA Members, and The Track, Autocross and Enthusiast Car Exchange. I hope to figure out how to post pics here soon. lol I am just going to list parts etc.

Roll cage from front shock pillars to rear, Aluminum housing 8.8 Cobra diff, Fresh built 1.8 with stand alone Megasquirt ecu, LS coils, Electric water pump, Electric Power steering pump, Steering quickener, Aluminum fuel with upgraded pump, Bilstein shocks with adjustable coils. With many other goods.

Asking $6000.00 with trailer. Trailer is custom built 6x12 low and light.

Asking $5000.00 without trailer.

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