Alan Cesar
Alan Cesar Dork
9/23/14 10:41 p.m.

(pictured taken before gold Brembos installed)

So, I have a lead on a Subaru Justy. I might pick that up in the next day or so. If I do, this WRX will be for sale. Those of you who keep saying you're in line to buy, your chance may be here.

You've seen it here and in the magazine. You know what's been done to it, but here's the highlights:

Current mileage: Approx. 220k. That's 20k since the engine rebuild.
Mach V springs with '04+ top hat adapters (which means you can pick up STI pinks for $100 and have a crazy stiff ride), Koni Yellow shocks.
Whiteline anti-roll bars front and rear
STI Brembo fronts with EBC pads
Stoptech pads and slotted rear disks
TurboXS up-pipe and turbo-back. Added a Vibrant stainless resonator to the system to quiet it down a bit. Very streetable, fun but not obnoxious.
Cobb Accessport V2
Fuku Works turbo inlet and intercooler hoses, green
stock turbo
Mach V MAF adapter and cone filter
Momo short shifter
Gauge surround with 2 inset pods, AEM Failsafe and one other gauge I don't know the name of off the top of my head.
Window tint, darkest legal in Florida
Trailer hitch and wiring
ACT clutch and flywheel
Team Dynamics 17-inch wheels
Cooper Zeon tires, probably 50% life remaining
Front subframe replaced due to Subaru recall
Subaru cargo mat
Subaru roof rack and cross bars
Subaru rubber floor mats
Subaru owners manuals
RallyArmor mud flaps

Engine internals: Overbored 0.5mm
Manley pistons and rods
ARP head studs and case bolts
Supertech valves, stainless intake, inconel exhaust
Supertech valve stems
Cometic gaskets all around, including MLS head gasket
20,000 on engine.

I have not done clutch dumps or otherwise abused the drivetrain. I have autocrossed it once (maybe twice). It has not seen track time since the magazine test. I've primarily commuted to work in it. I've taken a few 4000-mile road trips with it. I would not hesitate to drive this car cross-country again right now.

Comes with service records since the engine rebuild.

Things to note:
There is a bit of rust appearing over the right rear wheel well
This is a Maryland car, not a Florida car, so there is some rust on the undercarriage.
When building the engine, I trusted some poor advice from the ring manufacturer and made the piston ring gap fairly large. Too large, it turns out. The engine runs strong, but it does start burning oil a little bit into the oil change. Consumes about 2 quarts between changes. The advantage is that you can throw as much boost as you could ever want at this engine and never break the rings or ringlands.
There's sometimes a misfire on Cylinder 3 when you hit full boost. I've replaced the plugs, but have not tried tightening the gap. Likely a weak coil.
I have a small box of extra stuff, but not much. Original gauge surround, original air filter box, some other miscellany.

That's it. Asking price is $7000. You pick up in Daytona Beach, FL. If you ask real nice, I can deliver to the Chicago, IL area for a reasonable fee. (I have family up there.)

Send me an email at if you're interested. I'll check in to answer questions here from time to time.

markwemple Reader
9/24/14 11:33 a.m.

Man, if I only has spare $$. I'd love to have this one.

Sil80redtop Reader
9/24/14 1:36 p.m.

Just out of curiosity, 220k on the tranny and turbo?

Alan Cesar
Alan Cesar Dork
9/24/14 2:19 p.m.

Yes to the tranny. The turbo was replaced with a low-mileage unit at about the same time as the engine work was done.

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