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6/7/15 9:31 a.m.


Do you remember the days of the manual transmission? I do, mainly because I have the opportunity and pleasure of doing so daily. This car has an amazing list of features, some of which I will highlight for you.

The first piece of mechanical wizardry this cars boasts is a 6 speed transmission with a limited-slip differential all of which are factory options. It also has the highly sought after Brembo brakes another factory installed option. Pads and rotors for the front have been replaced within the past month. Since I have owned the vehicle both Brembo calipers have been replaced. I even have the old calipers and rotors that I will throw in if the price is right. The tires have about 60% tread left Nitto Motivos.

If I had to give this car a rating it would be a 7. Being an 11 year old car it has seen a share of sloppy parkers, careless kids and runaway shopping carts who have introduced themselves to this car. This means there are dings the paint is not perfect. I do continue to wash, wax and clay bar this car. This car has been driven, and continues to be driven daily.

I have told you the good things about this car now let me tell you the negative things, the radio display on the car has gone out, unfortunately the way in which this car was manufactured the board becomes loose or unsoldered. It does occasionally come on. The good thing is that the radio, cd, and tape player still work. Which is ok with me this might not be ok with you. I understand this. The price reflects this.

The pricing of this vehicle is very competitive for this area. I have looked on cars.com, autotrader, and craigslist. I believe at the current price it is set to sell. The lowest priced one on cars.com is 7200 with 188k. The lowest price one on autotrader is 4500 and it looks like it hit a tree.

Buyers know that being, an 04 most banks will not finance this vehicle because of its age. All transactions will take place in public at a BMV, police station, fire station etc.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, show you the vehicle etc. Please text or email and I will respond as quickly as I can. I have taken my time with this ad to give you as much information as possible. Please no tire kickers, stig wannabes etc.

Other features i forgot to mention: I have 2 sets of keys with fobs and a valet key, it has 2 memory settings for the driver that is linked to each fob, it has the ELS stereo with center channel and factory subwoofer, power locks power windows, automatic front window roll down, power drivers seat, original books, power moonroof, side airbags, factory HID lights and fog-lights, trip computer, heated mirrors, tilt down mirror for reverse maneuvers, homelink, auto-dimming mirror, 152,400 miles, tinted windows legal tint, pictures can be found here

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