simontibbett Reader
8/28/23 6:50 a.m.

Considering selling my E90 track car/race car project. I’m only considering to buy something already finished, an E36 or E46. I love the E90 platform but for what I’m looking to do it’s just too much work for me.

Car: 2006 BMW 325I 6 Speed Manual
Title: Clean in my name. Yes, drive it to and from the track (follow your state laws)
Chassis Mileage: 2**,***

The car started as a road car and was daily driven. I bought it with an ELV issue and the owner did not want to invest money into it as they were wanting to go buy a new SUV anyway. So, I bought it, played on the laptop, and it fired right up and runs fantastically. It is gutted but I left all of the windows, adjustable mirrors, locks, etc. Even the A/C and everything is not removed yet. My goal was to build it into a very user-friendly race car.

The body is pretty clean. Minor wear and tear for an older car. No major dents. The windshield is crack free. All of the gauges work, blinkers, headlights, etc. Anything you would expect a race car to have in working order. All stock.

The car comes with a fresh oil change, fresh brake fluid and bleed with Motul, and could be ran on track tomorrow. Anything listed unless otherwise noted is either brand new or has a total of maybe 60 minutes of run time on it. The engine is entirely stock. The exhaust has maybe an aftermarket muffler or something, it’s not stock but I bought it the way it sits. It’s quiet. Still a stock 325I rear differential. 

We did one track day in the car to shake it down, we had a mechanical failure with my co-driver driving so the cause is not fully known. The brakes overheated and froze the calipers. Quite possibly could have been just bad calipers. I’m not sure. They have been replaced, as mentioned everything was freshened up, and I have gone back in INPA do ensure any nanny aids are disabled completely. 


• ECS Coilovers
• ECS Tuning camber plates
• E9X M3 Front control arms
• New Tie rods
• New Sway bar drop links
• New brake calipers
• BimmerWorld steel braided brake lines
• Brembo blank rotors
• New front Hawk race pads one session old rear
• Hankook (includes 2 new sticker rears not mounted)
• Kirk Racing roll bar
• Motocorsa suede steering wheel
• Motocorsa quick release hub
• Momo hub adapter
• FIA rain light wired and working.
• Full FIA fire suppression system w/two handles.
• Condor Speed Shop fiberglass sunroof delete.
• Front and rear tow straps.
• New battery
• Longacre mirror
• NRG race seat
• Out of date 6 point FIA harness.
• BimmerWorld floor mount
• Un-installed Recaro double locking sliders.
• OBD2 digital display (speed, temps, etc)

Build thread with more photos and info from some of the work:

Asking $12,500 OBO. I'm not sure the best price to ask. Located by Road Atlanta. As mentioned, I have a clean title in my name. Currently registered and insured. I do not have emissions here and it is your own responsibility to know your state or county laws

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