rwh11385 New Reader
6/13/15 8:11 a.m.

I've owned this car for 7 years and was a comfy daily to go along with my E30 track car (while I had it). Now I have a LeMons and got a newer daily that can tow, so need to make room in the garage so I can keep the neighbors from being mad about my racecar's condition / paintjob (whenever it is caged and makes it home). I'd like it to go to an enthusiast who would appreciate the work/investment put in to make it a fun and reliable driver, so asking less here than on CL

Overview: It’s a 17 year old car, but generally clean and just some typical exterior imperfections at this age. It is mechanically strong and a great drive and the interior is in nice condition. It has been a fun commuter, comfortable as well as reliable. Clean title in hand, clean CarFax.

Maintenance / Modifications / Features: Some of the work was done in independent shops but the majority was done by me which I’ve recorded into an Excel file. I’ve mostly upgraded components to be from the factory sport package or with more durable and high quality aftermarket alternatives -- Bought Style 29s for snows. (Blizzak WS70s in 205/60-16, with two at 7/32” and two at 8/32”) -- Bought a set of Style 66s and put 235/45-17 Michelin Pilot Super Sports on which provided a great deal of grip. (Two brand new and one at 7/32” and one at 8/32”) -- Koni yellows w/ OEM sport springs -- EAC Tuning HD thrust arm bushings, replaced front swaybar links & steering center track rod assembly (includes inner tie rods) -- Did Valley Pan Gasket and related seals, Crankcase Vent, Cleaned Intake Manifold, etc. -- Replaced radiator with Zionsville Autosport all-aluminum one, radiator hoses done -- Water pump and thermostat August 2011 at 106.5k -- Magnaflow 46105 replacement cats -- Replaced rear brake lines -- New plain Brembo rotors + Hawk Performance Ceramic pads -- New battery in 2012 -- Blackstone labs oil testing at each change shows good engine health, regular use of injector cleaner, etc. -- TEC Cupholder and added sliding / opening armrest Comes with a cassette player in the dash and 6 CD changer in the trunk Has heated front seats and steering wheel, front/side/head airbags Power seats/headrests, nonsports Sunroof, headliner in good shape Winter front floormats

The not-so-great: -- Some pixels out on cluster (typical E39) -- Some hairline cracks in wood trim near shifter, on tape deck cover -- Small rust bubble under license plate but that's all I've seen -- Passenger rear door had a small ding (from someone else's door) -- Very low speed tap left front plate philips head screw marks in rear bumper (only incident I've experienced) -- Small scuffs from roof rack on driver side of roof -- Hood is a little dull, with an odd corner on the passenger side, rock chips, etc. -- Side skirt on passenger side slightly dented in the middle, even smaller one on driver side by jackpad -- Driver side fender liner ‘chewed’ a bit -- Crack on bottom of front bumper on driver side, but have to be under the car to see it -- Steering rack squeals, especially when cold (bimmerforums says it is a typical thing but haven't been able to resolve it yet) -- Small amount of oil leaking -- Intermittent coolant leaking -- Windshield washer pressure is low -- Headlights need leveling adjustments

What I’m looking for: A fair and reasonable price ($4k OBO) for a car of this age/miles and condition/maintenance, or an E36 M3 manual that is in decent shape enough to show up to work in.

btw, I'll also throw in the Bentley service manual for E39s with this ($121 on Amazon)

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