10/14/13 1:32 p.m.

Hi, all.

Thought I'd be getting into competition with my 2013 MX-5 GT PRHT but realized, after participating in one SCCA Solo, that it would be terribly addicting and an excellent way for me to blow through thousands of dollars and probably kill myself trying to be numero uno so decided I'd just stick with my long-distance touring and driving the local canyons, highways, and byways. I'm keeping the performance exhaust system and larger diameter anti-sway bars on my baby but I have a brand new, never installed Hard Dog NB - N2 roll bar with integral harness bar and padded leather cover.

I purchased the product after talking directly with Bethania Garage, the manufacturer, informing them that I had a 2013 GT PRHT and they assured me that it would fit my car. It didn't. I've noticed that they've now changed their product descriptions to exclude my year and to make the harness bar blot-on only rather than welded on as they did with my purchase. They told me I could return the products but they'd charge me a 10% re-stocking fee and $150 to repaint the bar if it was blemished at all. Not impressed with them but the bar itself is very good quality and it will serve you well if you have a 2005 or earlier late-model MX-5. You can contact me directly for photos or go to...

Purchase price a few weeks ago (month-long wait for them to fabricate the bar, etc.) was $505 for the bar + $125 for the padded leather cover + $100 for a welded-on harness bar for a total of $740 plus nearly $100 in shipping. I'm selling everything for $500 OBO and you pay shipping from Orem, Utah.

Remember, this is for the 2005 or earlier MX-5 second generation only.

Keith Tanner
Keith Tanner GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
10/14/13 2:02 p.m.

To clarify, that's an NC bar, not NB. It's for 2006 and later, not 2005 or earlier.

unk577 Reader
10/14/13 8:12 p.m.

Email me at I'm interested

billcard New Reader
10/15/13 5:22 p.m.

In reply to Keith Tanner:

Actually, Keith, I need to clarify further and repent.

I was sure that I'd purchased the M2 based on my research on the site after the purchase but I just had Brian ask me about shipping costs and, while researching that, I discovered the message Bethania Garage sent me stating that the ONLY bar that would fit my 2013 retractable-hardtop was their M3 bar, which is what I eventually purchased.

So here're the actual facts (much to my chagrin):

This roll bar (with welded-on harness bar) and padded leather cover is made specifically for late model retractable hardtop MX-5s, not the earlier generations.

Further, it cost less than the M2 ($505 v. $395) so I'm dropping the asking price to just $390 for everything.

Shipping from the manufacturer to my home was $85 (if I figured correctly by subtracting the cost of the products from what I actually paid). I'm assuming shipping will be about that from my city to yours.

So this kit might be of interest to you if you wish to install it into a third-generation hardtop but not anyone else. K?

So very sorry for the confusion. It's probably no great surprise since I also messed up the car type, as Keith helpfully corrected.

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