10/19/14 12:55 p.m.

My wife is looking for something slower to drive so our D-Mod Lotus 7 is for sale. Multi-time national championship winning car, built in 2003 by Del Long, originally a CMC chassis, Acura RSX-S K20A2 motor, Hondata KPro engine management, custom exhaust header, electric power steering, adjustable rocker arm front suspension, 3 link rear, double adjustable SuperShox, Winters quick change rear end with multiple gear sets, Wilwood brakes, Richardson racing seat, spares collection includes an extra Toyota T40 transmission, four sets of Real 10x13 wheels includes a set of Goodyear rains and whatever Hoosier slicks are left on them. Located in Milwaukee, WI so car goes into winter storage in a few weeks.

Price $21,500.

Email Jeff at cashmo at hot mail dot com for more info. No, I don't know what we'll drive next year.

bikerbenz Reader
10/20/14 6:45 p.m.

Come to str it's the way of the future

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