Vracer111 HalfDork
8/7/19 2:32 a.m.

SOLD as of 6/10

2013 in Asphalt, original owner, almost 62k miles, manual transmission - bought May 24, 2012. Always has been kept in my garage. Paid off and Texas title in my name since May 2017. Only reason I'm selling is because I would like to get out of credit card debt, and letting go of the FR-S is the sacrifice I've decided to make to enable this to be done as quickly as possible. I do not want to sell my FR-S at all really... but I have to do what I have to do.


* EGI Control unit replaced @ 24,800 miles with updated unit (SU003-04568) 8/21/14 [effected a few very early '13 models...ECU basically fails and car ends up running horribly in limp mode] 

* Valve Spring recall work done @ 59,664 miles on 4/5/19 [new OEM spark plugs + Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit installed during the recall work] Decided to have the valve spring recall work done because my FRS has had valve cover seepage from day one - with smells of burnt oil and coating the undertray in oily residue.* Zero seepage after the recall work done and no burning oil smell or gunky undertray anymore.


Custom work:
* fake diffuser panel removed (Two reasons for this - [1] the SRT exhaust I previously had installed burned a hole through the passenger side exhaust tip area, [2] with factory muffler removed the aerodynamics are altered and the fake rear diffuser area now catches air and makes the rear more unsettled at high speeds.
* mounting plates for racing mirrors
* mounting brackets made for driver's seat & Toyota Celica GTS seat belt buckle receptacle added to Recaro seat frame.
* custom 2.5" center-exit catback exhaust using factory exhaust flange and Burns Stainless components
* permanent bracket for catch can built in to factory passenger side strut brace (currently in work to replace the temporary clamp system I've been using)
* intake tract between airbox and throttle body is custom
* inner door handle and center dash trim painted black

Engine Bay/Drivetrain parts:
* Grimspeed Strut bar
* Odyssey PC680MJ battery
* PTuning Battery tray
* Perrin Performance motor mounts (thermal shielding added)
* Perrin Performance transmission mount support
* Radium Engineering PCV side catch can
* Radium Engineering master cylinder brace
* Radium Engineering ECU mount
* Torque Solution rear shifter bushing
* Torque Solution driveshaft carrier bearing support bushings
* Turn in Concepts solid aluminum steering rack bushings
* Velox hood vents (the Long ones used in the outer most positions) 

Exterior parts:
* Club GT convex race mirrors from Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies
* Diode Dynamics Tail-as-turn module (integrates reverse lighting into the rear tail lights)
* Diode Dynamics XP80 LED bulb for reverse lighting
* Greddy G Racer front lip
* Nokya Hyper Yellow daytime driving/high bulbs
* TRD Aero fin fender garnish
* TRD badging in various locations

Interior parts:
* 949 Racing 50mm steering wheel spacer
* JDM Station Alcantara shifter boot
* JPM Coachworks Alcantara instrument gauge hood, forward door panel pads, tunnel knee pads, and hand brake boot.
* Killer B Motorsport Delrin teardrop shift knob
* Recaro Sportster CS drivers seat w heating option (not used) and seat rail
* Scangauge II OBDII display
* SRP extended accelerator pedal
* Toyota OEM '17+ 86 suede one-piece dash panel

* 17×7.5 +40mm offset Enkei Fujin wheels
* 205/45-17 Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 tires (~1 year on car so far)
* Centric blank rotors - just installed last week
* Winmax W3 pads - just installed last week

Removed Stock Parts:
* all exterior badging
* artificial sound generator system/intake resonator
* fuel rail metal bracket/sound deadening covers
* hood sound deadening panels

Separate stock parts included with it:
* driver's seat
* side mirrors
* OEM daytime driving/high headlight bulbs
* factory shift knob

Other included parts:
* full set of 4 brand new ignition coil packs, the newest revised P/N (22433AA652)
* 4 oil pan gasket crush washers

* passenger side axle clicks
* Original TPMS sensors...almost 7 1/2 years on them, batteries won't last much longer.
* minor dings on side from inconsiderate people in parking lots and rear bumper has slight scrape/scratches from me not seeing a signpost at a meet and backing into it.
* factory tint on passenger side window has come up and deformed
* dash around center air vent had the heat deformation issue...I ended up cutting off the tabs on the dash so it free floats behind the vent now.
* exhaust is LOUD... have quieter 2-stage Burns muffler on order

Running 5W30 Royal Purple for engine oil, just changed out last week. Need to change out the transmission and differential fluid (will be getting new fluid and washers this week).

Asking $14k

Short video clip of exhaust...


rustybuckets Reader
8/7/19 9:24 a.m.

Beautiful, and GLWS! 

Good job on making the sacrifice to remove debt. Getting out of debt and STAYING THERE will give you extreme freedom. Once you do that, get an emergency fund and then start retirement saving!

Vracer111 HalfDork
3/30/20 5:09 p.m.

SOLD as of 6/10


Slashing price, and few updates:


Items updated:

Mileage coming up on 63k, and over 3k miles since having the valve spring recall work done with zero issues... still running better than she ever has.

• tint removed from both side windows, was looking bad, getting worse, and affecting vision. Free mod that makes it look and function much better.

• Burns Stainless 2-stage 'quiet' muffler installed and tip reworked. Quieter than the 'race' muffler, but still very loud. Much deeper and pleasing tone though.

• Diode Dynamics LED lighting - SL1 low beam, interior dome light, and license plate light. The SL1 LED headlight bulbs are a massive increase in performance with the stock projector lense... nice even spread that has much farther reach, all with stock cutoff. Now it's at least on par with the BRZ lowbeam lighting (stock original FR-S lighting is VERY lacking compared to the BRZ/86 headlight units). Switching to halogen high beams makes ZERO difference in light output other than the shift upwards in light output.

• Side mirror changed out for larger FIA GT convex sedan mirrors, not as convex as the former Club GT mirrors it had but much larger area tha is almost stock size.

• Verus Engineering Carbon fiber ducktail - a visually blemished unit they had on heavy discount. It was lightly sanded and shaped on leading front edge, with Hysol 608 epoxy added to leading edge to strengthen it. Painted black and clear-coated / turtle waxed to match the other components I painted.

• the Radium oil catch can work finally finished - factory passenger strut tower brace had a steel mounting bracket welded to it and the aluminum bracket for the can was reworked, new black oil hoses from Pegasus racing installed.

New pictures that were taken recently...


And finally price dropped to $10k. If for whatever reason you just want the stock seat reinstalled and don't want the Recaro Sportster CS, I will keep the Recaro and drop price to $9k.

4/9/20 9:24 p.m.

I'm in Austin, little interested in this. Could you send me a dm? I can't send messages on this fourm as I just created the account. Longtime lurker. 

4/14/20 6:32 p.m.

Very very nice car man - good luck with the sale!

clutchsmoke UltraDork
5/20/20 7:05 p.m.

I dig what you've done with it and I am quite tempted. GLWS

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