lawyer4speed New Reader
1/30/17 9:46 a.m.

New and never used 175/65R14 Blizzaks on 14" steel rims (had the rims for 8 years, only used in winter), 4x100. As you can see in the pics in the link below, the tires still have the little "rubber hairs" on them from never being used. Steel rims are balanced, hold air, have never been in an accident, and are black only b/c I painted them with underbody spray to provide some protection against salt, brine, etc.

Bought the Blizzaks for my '90, which was then my daily driver, then bought another car as my daily, and the '90 is no longer driven in snow, and I can't use the 14" rims on my daily. I bought the Blizzaks last Fall, didn't use them, and they were stored in my garage. There is no center cap in the steelies.

Pick up either at my residence in south NJ (near exit 2 off the NJTP) or at my work in New Brunswick near Rutgers University (exit 9 off the NJTP).

Tire and wheel pics:

Dr Ribs Revere
Dr Ribs Revere Reader
1/30/17 12:33 p.m.

Totally derailing the thread, but wow that's a long commute from exit 2 to 9!

I used to do north of Philadelphia to Newark (DE) but that's still a bit shorter. Unsure how bad traffic gets on the NJTP but I feel for you.

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