turboswede PowerDork
8/28/13 3:32 p.m.


I'm looking to sell my Porsche cars to get something a bit different. That's the only reason I'm selling my cars. If you're in the central oregon area you may have seen this car around, it's my daily. So if anyone wants to know, "Would you drive this car anywhere?" The answer is YES, because I currently do! The car does not sit for long periods of times, starts reliably and has never given me trouble or left me stranded. It's an absolutely fantastic car.

Currently has around 186,000 miles, recent compression check done and oil consumption is still pretty decent. The car is very clean and has been extremely well taken care of. Clean title and drives wonderfully! Asking $15k. Cash only, no trades and no joyrides. Call 541-788-0776, ask for Derek.

  • Seat rails lubricated (didn't need it really but it's just "one of those things" that irks me)
  • New clutch, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, guide tube, pressure plate and hardware when I bought it
  • Stainless steel brakelines recently installed (DOT approved)
  • New rotors and pads in the front
  • New cap, rotor, wires, plugs and recently replaced the coil with a spare
  • Replaced O2 sensor
  • Replaced oil sender
  • Recent transmission flush (less than 500 miles ago)
  • New shift shaft seal, driver side output shaft seal, cover plate seal
  • New oil tank sender gasket
  • New drain plugs both for sump and for tank
  • New muffler gasket
  • New sump plate and valve cover gaskets, valve adjustment completed (1500 miles ago)
  • "The Coupler Whisperer" coupler bushings installed
  • New engine and transmission mounts within the last 4 years
  • Reupholstered window side seals near B Pillar on targa top with vinyl
  • Breather hose, tank to boot, replaced
  • Oil breather lines cleaned, oil tank removed and cleaned, reinstalled
  • Heater hoses replaced in engine bay, both from fan area to blower and from heat exchanger to heater
  • Ignition vacuum lines replaced
  • Injector seals replaced
  • Front wheel bearings replaced
  • Right side Cam line replaced
  • Steering wheel insert replaced
  • Brake and clutch pedal rubber replaced
  • New exhaust (Bursch)
  • Alternative Muffler Bypass pipe from Fabspeed also comes with the car (VERY LOUD, recommend track only for that...)
  • Extra set of phone dial wheels with winter tires come with the car!
  • Alternator rebuild in early spring of 2012
  • Fan assembly powdercoated, not a maintenance item, but it sure is pretty

    Location: Redmond, OR

CLynn85 Reader
8/28/13 4:51 p.m.

Man, where was this 6 months ago. Would've flown out and driven it home.

Edit, nevermind, just saw the NMNA, would've done so if it was being sold by a reputable member.

Javelin GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
8/28/13 4:55 p.m.

In reply to CLynn85:

Being sold by another (non-posting) GRM'er that's a known quantity to the OP.

oldtin UltraDork
8/28/13 4:56 p.m.

Wish I'd held on to my 3.2 another year or two.

turboswede PowerDork
8/28/13 5:01 p.m.
CLynn85 wrote: Man, where was this 6 months ago. Would've flown out and driven it home. Edit, nevermind, just saw the NMNA, would've done so if it was being sold by a reputable member.

Yep, he's a good friend of mine and he's posted here before. He wants to buy something more exotic to play with so the two cars are for sale. I'm not affiliated, technically, but I can vouch for him and the car.

CLynn85 Reader
8/28/13 9:30 p.m.

Blurring the lines of "NA" lol. Doubt it'll take long to move this one. At least in this area SC's in the low teens don't come up very often.

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