RichardSIA Dork
3/6/22 4:14 a.m.

Very rare RWA Midget with wire wheels. Good windshield is included.

Not rusty, does have some minor cowl and inner fender damage, very low mileage before it sat for a couple of decades.

No engine or trans but since everyone here is all about for Miata, LS, or EV swaps that should hardly matter.

Cheap at ** $400.00 without front sheet metal**. Still very cheap at $700.00 including MINT front fender pair, a good bonnet, and a good grill.

No title but long out of the system. I can probably get a title but would want something for my time so take it as is to get it cheap.

Selling to make time/funds for the cars I still intend to complete.

Best to email me as I rarely visit here anymore. In Nevada near Reno.

Best deal of all is to make up a group-buy for additional parts and cheap shipping.

RF view.


With fenders.

RS with fenders.

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