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12/20/22 6:03 p.m.

Selling my 2005 RX8 that I've owned since new. Was my daily driver on the original engine until 2019 when it finally started showing signs of low compression at 166,000 miles. Engine is out and taken apart as I was intending to either rebuild or drop in a Mazda reman engine, but I've decided to just move on. In hindsight I should have left the motor in as it was running and driving with just a slight aroma of coolant coming from the exhaust.

The car is complete, you'll get the engine and all accessories I took off getting the engine apart. Drivetrain is still installed and is in great shape, with tranny and diff getting regular flushes with redline fluids over 13 years of driving. Centric brake rotors, Mazda brake pads, Bilstein B8 struts, Eibach pro-kit all have less than 13,000 miles on them. Cobb accessport with Mazdamaniac tune is still married to the car.

Interior is clean apart from the standard cracked dash. Upholstery is great, no tears. Exterior has a dent on the front quarter panel and a few small dings elsewhere, but nothing major. Paint is starting to fade on the hood, roof, and trunk, but otherwise looks pretty good (last picture is recent).

Steering rack has started to shudder on cold mornings. I had previously cleaned the connectors and extended the coolant overflow to avoid any issues, however I never went any further in checking it out.

There are extras that I'm selling separately, though if someone wants a package deal for the whole lot we can work something out.

-17x9 +35 Enkei RPF1s (slight curb rash on one wheel) with Sumitomo HTR-ZIII tires (12,000 miles on the tires): $1200

-Rotary engine compression tester: $200

-Racing Beat Revi air intake with ram air: $400

-Racing Beat dual resonated test pipe: $200

-Racing beat lightened flywheel with counterweight/flywheel puller/flywheel holder/flywheel nut wrench: $150

-BHR coil upgrade with harness adapter and 2 sets of LS coils/wires: $200

-New Series2 high torque Autozone starter: $100

-Epitroch Sohn adapter kit (never installed): $150

-4 New oil injectors and OMP lines (installed right before I confirmed the engine was bad, only ~500 miles on them): $300

-Flywheel holder tool: $50

-McGard 65557 steel wheel locks in black: $50



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