Lefty92 New Reader
6/26/17 7:54 a.m.

Hello all! Name's Matt, I'm new here, bit of an introduction, I currently own a '91 Miata (for sale) and a 2013 Mustang GT which ive modified fairly extensively. Other relevant cars i've owned are an 1989 Honda CRX, 1973 Plymouth Duster and a 1992 Lexus SC400. Got into autocross a while back, grew up working on hot rods, the usual cliche stories...I know my way around a car if it makes any difference to a buyer. Anyway! On to the business at hand, the Miata:


Things I forgot to say in the add:

  • it has door bushings
  • engine has a header/air filter and the timing has been advanced
  • its a soft top
  • It has no rear sway bar right now
  • No roll bar, no racing seat, no harness
  • Spring rates 500F/225R

Note: Its on 14x7 RPF1's, but 200 treadwear tire selection is limited for 14 inch wheels. Its on brand new 195 Falkens and you can go up to a 225 on a 7.5in wide wheel in STS if im not mistaken, so you'd want 15x7.5 wheels to be on competitive tires at a larger event. This is a fast "local" car. On 205 rivals its placed top 5 raw time on several occasions at local events, with different drivers.

Reason for selling: going to racing school. Feel free to text me any questions or offers, i'd be glad to take more pics, etc. Location is Shreveport, Louisiana 71107.

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