8/9/20 6:37 a.m.


Retired/Disabled Vet here. I am currently searching for a 1957-1964 Jeep FC 150 in operable condition.  So I don't waste your time {or mine}...In reviewing Sold ads, I'm looking for one in the 12,500 to 15,500+- range. That means they are: Stock, solid driving example, may be well cared for original OR older restro, rust-free, faded paint possible or slightly worn interior. All systems functional. Totally drivable with no shameful exterior.

Certainly not looking for the " I spent too much on this and I want it all back OR Mine is greatest in the world to ME" price. Nor junk with similar price. This will be going to a GOOD HOME and would prefer RED (but any color okay} as my Dad's was when I was a kid. He would have been 100 this year and need a little nostalgia.

For quick response or you know of one {before its gone} :


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