RichardSIA Dork
7/29/21 12:51 a.m.

After buying my most recent "Turn key" car that is really an almost driving project, I have decided to give up my Bradley GT.
I can get a title for it if I trailer it to CA for a VIN verification on their form.
They will only accept their form as they insist on the SMOG info lines being filled out even though the car is EXEMPT for several reasons.

The rebuilt engine is going into a Sand Rail I have traded away for necessary labor.

That leaves the complete body with good Corvette windshield on a '68 pan.
'68 was the last year for swing-axle rear, uses a ball-joint front.
Pan has new rust repair panels in place but they should be welded instead of screwed.
Brakes have been rebuilt, full set of VDO gauges.

Will sell for even less if I do not have to chase the title, or get to keep the suspension for my FV.

Good start for an EV conversion, Roy Kaylor was doing VW EV's long before they were the fad they are now.
"Production" VW chassis, put a space-frame on the pan and something silly on the transaxle, or just screw the body down over something unrelated for a Challenge build.

I would like it gone ASAP and certainly before winter as the pan is too nice to let fill with snow this winter.

Will add some pics tomorrow.

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