9/15/10 11:28 a.m.

I bought a 67 MGB this summer and am just trying my first oil change as the filter started leaking. It has the replaceable canister type filter, not the modern screw on type. But I now have a flood of oil coming out. I replaced the small rubber gasket that presses into base attached to the block. There are two other O-ring type gaskets that came with the filter but I don't see where they go. Any ideas on how to properly change out the filter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Leo  Basile
Leo Basile Reader
9/15/10 2:21 p.m.

Replace it with a 1968 or above filter bracket.

gjz30075 Reader
9/15/10 3:05 p.m.

What Leo said. But for now, replace the O ring that seals the canister holder, ie, the can, against the adapter with one as wide as possible.

stagecoach New Reader
9/15/10 4:21 p.m.

Just looked up the adapter on mossmotors website and it definitely looks like the best option. Thanks for the advice.

Leo  Basile
Leo Basile Reader
9/15/10 7:28 p.m.

I would try Ebay or you local swap meet first...Im sure it will be a bit cheaper.


DneprDave Reader
9/16/10 9:30 a.m.

There is nothing wrong with the cartridge type filter. Just smear a bit of oil on the "o" ring and make sure the canister is seated in the "o" ring groove. The spring inside can make it easy to get the canister cocked and prevent a good seal.

I think the cartridge type and the spin on type are equally messy to change. There's no sense wasting money to go to the other type.


NCtim New Reader
9/24/10 7:40 p.m.

In reply to stagecoach:

Make sure you don't tighten the center bolt on the canister overly tight. I made that mistake once back in the day. You don't want to "squash" the outside seal (they're easy to twist when you try to seat them). Also, the seals they include with the new filter include a small seal that installs on the long bolt, under the flat washer outside the bottom of the canister and a seal that sometimes seats into a groove in the top inner groove inside of the mechanism on top of the filter itself (when your engine requires this). You have to look at it from the bottom. I know this sounds complicated but the filter inserts are pretty universal and they fit anything from a 1953 Ferguson tractor to a 1969 MG and everything in between. They include the necessary parts for the applications the filter can be applied to.

I've owned 5 MGs, (and Healys, Triumphs, and Ferguson tractors) and I never changed out the canister for the cartridge. I know it's a mess when you change your oil but it keeps your car legit if you're interested in that sort of thing and the filters are still reasonble.

BTW, Leo, MGs had canister type oil filters until some of the later 1970 models here in North America. Must have been holdovers from the previous year, as was common to British cars in that day.

Shinsen774 Reader
11/20/10 7:59 p.m.

I have the old canister type and it works great. Check and see if there were actually two O-rings in there. The former owner may have done that. Dig them all out and check closely to be sure all the pieces came out. You use only one of the three o-rings provided. I use the middle sized one and that seems to work well. Some grease on it will hold it in place while you put the rest of the assembly in there and tighten it.

I put the Moss adapter on and it leaked. I put the old canister back on, no problems. NAPA has the filters in stock.

wspohn Reader
11/23/10 11:16 a.m.

Keep an eye out for the old hardened O rings still being in the grooves. They sometimes look like black parts of the filter head, but if you try putting an additional new O ring on top, they'll leak like crazy.

I have no issue with the canister filters. Although I wish they hadn't designed the one on my MGC as a standing fit so it was guaranteed to puke all over when you change it.....

12/30/10 9:58 a.m.

In reply to stagecoach: -------- As posted several times, many cases there is an old seal in the groove. Clean the grove, and you should see silver metal color in the grove, not black rubber. The filter has to have a large washer it sits on, a spring under the big washer, and should have a rubber seal and a small flat washer above the spring. So, big washer (filter size) + rubber o-ring, + about a 1/2 wide flat washer, + the 2 inch or so spring. There is a seal for the bolt shaft going thru the cannister, which there should also be a shaped thick washer to hold the seal.

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