OntheRoad New Reader
4/24/10 11:55 a.m.

How many non-vendors are planning on bringing swap meet stuff to the Mitty? Is this being encouraged?

I am contemplating bringing a few parts this year. The last few there have been individuals set up selling all kinds of stuff. I see the vendor registration - are there rules and fees for regular ticket holders?

I DO NOT want to sit around and staff a table full of stuff - that's not why I'm going. But I have some items that would be better to check out in person and test or fit, or would be bulky to ship (like a NOS roll bar), and I'd like to replace them with stuff for my current project(s). If I sell and have some extra cash in my pocket to turn over while there, all the better.

Tom Heath
Tom Heath Marketing / Club Coordinator
4/26/10 8:37 a.m.

As and enthusiast, you're welcome to be part of the swap meet, no special credentials or passes required. I've been answering that question more this year than in the past, so it looks like the swap meet should have some action this year.

OntheRoad New Reader
4/27/10 11:14 a.m.

Thanks for the response! When there I'll post flyers, or see if I can do some trading. Just don't know if MG parts are easy to trade for Alfa or VW parts LOL, maybe some generic stuff.

I like the swap meet part of this event, the more the better - I'm there 3 days so there is time to look, always buy stuff, some that I even need. I am not a car show guy, but at the close British/European ones there is usually very little for sale or trade in the pieces and parts dept. Just another thing to look forward to.

Joked with wife that I am not leaving with an empty trailer - if I bring home a car I'm going to drive it! I thought she'd LIKE the idea of no more projects.....

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