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60mga New Reader
12/22/10 10:32 p.m.

Every winter, it's the same thing for me. Driving time goes down in my two sports cars(1991 Miata, 1960 MGA) and I start looking at stuff on the net. Lately it's been XJ6's, 12's and cheap XK8's to perhaps replace the Miata. But I've got it so good with the super reliable, playful first gen. Miata that's cost me hardly anything in the eight years I've owned it and is smile inducing as soon as you throw it around a little. There's not a more fun, trusty parts getter for the MGA in my book.
Luckily there are some nice days over the winter here on the coast when I can take the A out for a top down drive and then I'm done surfing for more cars for a while. In another five years I'll be able to put collector plates on the MX5 as well and then have two super cheap insureable classics. That's enough...

12/23/10 9:05 p.m.

After years of angst, here is what works for me:

-One Japanese "Toaster" to deal with the real day to day world. -One 1967 MGB GT that I have had since 1978 and will keep forever. It is restored and driven every summer to some degree. One full on "Project" car that I don't worry about ever finishing as long as I can trace progress.

This covers all bases of the hobby as far as I am concerned, and I dont have to walk to work too often since I have Japanese back-up.

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