aeronca65t Dork
9/1/11 6:14 a.m.

A few years ago, I started looking for a decent rebuildable 1275 for the race-Spridget. I went to my local craigslist and found it was cheaper to buy an entire car. Made sense too: I ended up with a 1973 Midget with a decent 1275 that also provided tons of spares for $250. I rebuilt that engine and it's in my race car right now.

So I've been thinking about the Austin A35 sedan that I'm building for racing. I had considered "sharing" my current 1275 between the Spridget and the Austin, but upon reflection, it seems like a pain to do that. So I went to my local craigslist again and found another $250, 1973 RWA Midget.

This one has 19,000 miles and the body is really solid. Good rockers, doglegs, etc. It's far nicer than a lot of Bugeye projects I see that are getting big dollars. It would be a shame to cut it up. So after I yank the 1275 out of it, I think I'll put in my spare 948 (from the A35) and make it a low-bucks driver. Honestly, I don't really need it; I already have a nice, street MGB. But considering it's costing me almost nothing, it'll be fun to have around.

Of course, that plan may change after I actually tell Linda I bought this thing (I hid the previous '73 Midget at our summer house and she didn't find out about it for two years)

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