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5/11/22 8:37 a.m.

A few of guys from Rad Air Complete Car Care will be fielding a race entry for the 2022 SCCA Enduro at Nelson Ledges on May 20-22. We plan to have 4 drivers and we currently have 1 seat available that is 2 total stints, 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Practice is available on May 18th at the Wonderful Wednesdays event at Nelson Ledges. We also are looking for volunteer crew members to help out on race day loading and unloading and assisting with pit stops.

Food will be provided to crew and drivers prepared by the famous Enduro Race Chef, Brian.

Details on the car:

Dodge Neon ACR ITA spec

Upgraded suspension (Koni) and engine (single cam with ACR tune)

Our seat is on sliders. Can accommodate a 5'4 driver up to 6'5 with no problem.

Multiple extinguishers

New Carbotech Pads

New Ignition/Tune Up, fluids and preop

New Mark McMahan Cage

Falken RT 660s

In Car & Crew Radio

Garmin Catalyst

New 6pt Belt & Seat

Fun, quick car!!

Photos and further information about the car can below

This event will be a blast! Please contact Paul Hirsch or Bill Snow at for further details.

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