AaronBalto New Reader
1/11/10 10:30 a.m.

I had the clutch replaced by an indy mechanic. It works fine, but I have this weird after-effect kind of problem.

Everything works fine, but the clutch pedal return is now slow. You don't notice in normal driving in warm weather. But when you try to bang off some fast shifts, the slow return means that you have to wait for the clutch to re-engage before you mash it. Also, it's much worse in really cold weather.

I was thinking that it could be the slave cylinder failing, but then someone mentioned that it could be something internal. Any thoughts? I really hope this thing doesn't have to come apart again. It's a big job.



Rustfinger New Reader
1/11/10 10:37 a.m.

There is a clutch dampening device that slows the release. I've bypassed it on mine. Very easy to do, just requires a female/female hydrolic line fitting and a bleed of the line after.

Here's some forum postings on the subject:


Edit: The pics in that post don't seem to be there anymore. If you look at the top right corner of the engine bay, behind the shock tower, there is a barrel looking thing about 1.5 inches wide with hard lines running into either side. Thats the "CDD" I just removed it from the system, joining the two ends of the hard lines with a brass fitting. I even left the CDD in position for easy reversal (not that I ever would - It made a very noticeble difference/improvement in engagement feel). Took all of 15 minutes to do in my driveway.

AaronBalto New Reader
1/11/10 10:54 a.m.

I knew I had come to the right place.


P.S. Fred G. Sanford is my personal hero.

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