6/23/12 7:49 a.m.

Hi guys! I'm Marius, 23 years old and have done some mods to my 1992 1.6 mx5.

The following has been done: -Swapped in a 2005 BP VVT Engine with FM Conversion kit. -Wired in a Innovale LC1 -Wired in the VVT Tuner from DIYAUTOTUNE -Put it on a used (and broken!!!) MSPNP -CAS attached on the exhaust cam

Now the big problem: It seems that the Megasquirt is broken. I bought a used one and i think that was a mistake. Anyway, I do not want to use it anymore. Because I am on a budet, I want to go with the stock 1992 ECU unit and the stock 1.6 throttle body now.

Since i barely found information on the internet I'm asking you:

Can the 2005 engine be run with the 1992 ECU? (In combination with the VVTuner, which will run independently from the ECU)

Thank you!!

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