rustysteel Reader
9/3/16 5:21 p.m.

There's one coming in at my favourite used car place and it's only got 61000kms and is in mint condition. It's a 6 speed manual and it looks to have been well taken care of. Has a new top due to someone's ignorance, aka vandalized. I like it because it's basically a R53 with the supercharged engine though I don't think I'd like the idea of a convertible. Any thoughts on these things. I'll try to have a test drive next week.

Not the actual car but same colour.

\MINI Cooper S Cabrio "Sidewalk"\\">sidewalk

fiesta54 Reader
9/3/16 6:53 p.m.

Sidewalk edition?? Interesting name

flatlander937 HalfDork
9/3/16 7:00 p.m.

It's called the Sidewalk Edition because you'll probably be walking at some point.

I have a love/hate relationship with Minis, I've posted my thoughts here several times. Water pumps(part of the supercharger on yours, not as common as the R50 and R56 FWIW), thermostat housings leaking, PS pump/fan failing is common, as are leaks, the convertible means literally everything electrical wise will potentially be a problem if it's ever been rained on or had a leak. Window motors/regulators are pretty common and time consuming to replace/adjust correctly. Plan on rebuilding the supercharger at something like 80k+ miles. Control arm bushings wear out commonly and are sort of a pain to do(well I imagine they are without a lift). Alignments suck to do in the rear because of the way toe is set, having it done by someone with the special tools for pushing/pulling the trailing arms around on a rack is highly advised.

If I had to buy a Mini, it'd be an R53, but it wouldn't be my only car and it surely wouldn't be a convertible. That said, I've known a couple people who have had some problem free Minis for a reasonably long period of time(like 60-70k miles), but that's sort of the exception.

Also when the clutch starts slipping on them, you have VERY little time to take care of it before it just leaves you stranded suddenly. Like less than 20 miles in my experience. I've done a LOT of clutches on all Mini models(save for the newest BMW-engined ones), not one of them came in under their own power. They either move or they don't for the most part.

Aspen Reader
9/3/16 8:56 p.m.

I like mine sort of. It's an automatic that is pretty terrible, but the rest is good as far as performance (when it works). They are not reliable and at that mileage it will need LCA bushings, struts, strut tops, power steering fan, rad fan, oil pan gasket, crank sensor o-ring, maybe a super charger. The top needs to be lubed, etc. It's fun, but likely not for a passive owner. I think a 1 series vert would be better or just get a Miata.

rustysteel Reader
9/3/16 9:28 p.m.

I sold my R56 last month and bought a Honda so I've walked (on the sidewalk?) away from MINI for now but I thought this one looked interesting. I'm just collecting info for the seller, see what he should look out for. Flatlander937 you had me looking at Mazda2's and I almost bought one but I ended up with an '08 Honda Accord Coupe, 2.4L 5 speed. It's a big change from the MINI (and the Mazda) but I like it and should be good for my commute to work (50km one way). If anything I'll be looking for a project Mini Cooper S from the 60's or 70's to rebuild with my kids. No more German/MINI's for me.

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