Quasi Mofo
Quasi Mofo MegaDork
6/27/08 4:09 p.m.

If you have the time, go to the VW service department near you and tell them you want brakes all the way around on your Volkswagen Touareg... Every winning Challenge car to date is still cheaper than swapping pads and rotors on one of these beasties. God forbid that a caliper or four needs replacing or any other part of the car needs mechanical repair.

The truck is awesome in its ability to pull a light trailer. we towed a new diesel Jetta eighty miles and outside of a few wind gusts we never noticed the load. Actually with the sattelite radio thumping along we nearly forgot we were in an SUV and not in a dance club.

We pulled the same roughly 20mpg on the round trip at about 55mph. Not stellar by any means but better than the Astro I had pulled with before.

If Volkswagen could figure out how to build these and sell them for the mid to high 20s I would tell everyone to buy one... but until they come down to a more realistic price they just aren't the best value for the buck. Rumor has it Volkswagen is building a similar size pickup truck using many of the parts from the Touareg, it could help the economy of scale issues on this truck.

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Javelin MegaDork
6/28/08 10:25 a.m.

Just as a note, for less then the price of just the brake pads and rotors on this truck (yes I checked) my cop car can tow more and get better mileage...

Sorry but as the Phaeton already proved, we do not want expensive VW's. This car will be a mechanic's dream in a few years when everything breaks and they can charge top dollar for the repairs.

Absolutely the wrong vehicle for today's climate, both politically and price-wise!

Nashco UberDork
7/2/08 3:48 a.m.

If money were no object, somebody would pick the TDI Touareg to fill the garage space? Weird. I was thinking a Jeep SRT8 would be a heck of a lot more fun...over a second faster in the 1/4 and over 2 seconds faster from 0-60. Plus it's 1000 lbs lighter. Ok, so it's only rated to tow half as much and burns through 50% more fuel, but if money is no object you can afford the gas and the trans/driveline upgrades. ;) Heck, it's half the price of the Touareg, you can buy a whole crapload of fuel and upgraded parts on the Jeep for 40 grand!!! For that matter, if money were no object, why not the Cayenne instead?

I can't believe people are going to pay $80k for this VW SUV...that's going to be some serious depreciation on a ho-hum sleeper diesel. I'd love to use the engine in my project car in about 20 years though.


Tom Heath
Tom Heath UberDork
7/2/08 8:59 a.m.

If I were a lottery owner, I'd have one—just for the opulence, if nothing else. (It would also be on lease, because even as a brazillionaire, I wouldn't want anything to do with those service costs.)

My kids could give two hoots about 0-60 times, so the SRT8 wouldn't impress them. Besides, there's no way any SUV would take the steal the "fun car" spot in my driveway.

Is the Touareg the answer? No, not likely. Is it a very nice truck thing? Hell yes. Why not a Cayenne? I don't know, I haven't driven one of them yet. I have driven (and been stranded by) enough DCX products to not consider them much better or more reliable than the questionable Volkswagen.

It's nice to have some banter on the reviews, anyhow. Maybe the Touareg should have received a lower overall rating, but I was really impressed with the way it drove.

Just wait until we're done with the review of the Hybrid Chevy Tahoe we just had...

neon4891 UltimaDork
7/18/08 10:38 a.m.

A King Ranch F-250 with a cap on the bed in diesel 4x4 would be $30K less, do more, and be less of a maintanace nightmare. Course if given the coise between a comperable SUV and Crew cab P-up with cap, I would get the truck, its easy to throw grungy things into the bed with out worrying about ruining you interior

Tom Heath
Tom Heath UberDork
12/10/13 12:00 a.m.

As a full-sized SUV with a full-sized price tag, it would be easy for a sports car enthusiast to dismiss the Touareg 2 as an example of everything that's wrong with the new vehicle market today. After taking this 5800 pound freight train around the block, however, it was our preconceptions that were dismissed.

For its $77,880 buy-in, one would expect the amenities to be world-class, and this vehicle doesn't dissapoint. Front seat or rear, comfortable leather appoints every surface, with satisfying tactile feedback from the buttons and switches. No part of the interior treatments feel anything less than first-rate, and if it weren't for its school bus-esque engine note, you might swear you were riding in an Audi or a Porsche.

What surprised us most was the magnificent abundance of torque and well-sorted all-wheel-drive system. The Touareg 2 boasts a whopping 553 lb./ft. of torque and creates a real shock-and-awe display of power when leaving stoplights. We didn't get the chance to really put the truck to work, but it carries a 7700 pound tow rating, making it up to the task of towing your race car to the track without any fuss. The self-leveling suspension felt very composed and did an excellent job of masking the Touareg's blubbery curb weight.

However, no amount of praise can make us forget about the $78,000 hole this rig would put in our bank account. On top of that, the TDI engine only returns 20 mpg on the highway. With Diesel fuel at $4.00 a gallon lately, the TDI's efficiency hardly seems impressive enough to make it a bargain. Volkswagen's history of electrical gremlins makes us cringe at the thought of ownership once the newness has worn off. If money were no object, however, at least one staffer would fill his driveway with one just like it.

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