mharsha New Reader
2/18/15 8:00 a.m.

Hello Guys . Me and 8 of my friends are building a E46 330i for the 2015$ Car Challenge and we had a few questions about the budget ( Dont know if this is the right thread , please let me know if it is'nt). We are trying put a value on two parts that we want to buy from one of our friends.

1.Used Megasquirt2

2.Used Intercooler (CX Racing) with Pipes

These parts might be around 5 years old with approximately 50000 miles on them.

Please let us know if you guys can help us out with the pricing or if we need to post it some place else.

Also we wanted to know if there is any rule as such for post turbo downpipes ? Can we eliminate them ?( Not that our plan is to have a "Loud A*s" car, but for budget and time constraints )

evildky Dork
2/18/15 8:09 a.m.

Look for listing of similar used parts on forums, ebay, craigslist etc. Used intercooler go cheap when they look used or are missing brackets.

I believe there is an NHRA and or SCCA rule about exhaust exiting behind the driver but we've had some exit from the hood or fender and it wasn't a big deal. Having the loudest car won't make you the most popular guy in paddock especially if you bang off the rev limiter for no apparent reason but no one will toss you out over it.

mharsha New Reader
2/18/15 11:48 a.m.

In reply to evildky:

Thank you for the reply . Really appreciate it . I agree having the loudest car wont make us popular . We will think about our options .

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