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Vigo MegaDork
11/29/19 10:01 p.m.

How much of the 6.0 problems were thanks to coal rollers stacking up their EdgeBullyJuice tuners?

Power exacerbated things but stock ones still had problems. I even remember replacing the low pressure oil pump on one in 2007. Why does an oil pump fail on a <4yo truck?

6.0 is still the 'big diesel truck' i most want today. I replaced a 7.3 in a tow truck (crazy miles) a year and a half ago and even after that, while i'm comfortable with them mechanically I'm just not a huge fan of their noise or low (easy) power potential. A 6.0 sounds better both at low throttle and high throttle and has great power potential. You just have to invest effort up front. I feel like 7.3s are great trucks but not actually worth any kind of premium vs a properly repaired 6.0.

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