Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder UltraDork
2/14/05 9:00 p.m.

We autocrossed this weekend with the Martin Sports Car Club. The course wasn't what we'd call favorable for a "slow" car. There were several 10-60 mph acceleration runs that helped out the Corvettes, WRXs and other high horsepower cars more than a our little SE-R. In STX, we wound up second place behind a well-driven WRX by about 2/10ths of a second.

The car felt a little pushy in corners. We're resisting the urge to take the large Progress front bar off of the car and go back to the stock one. Why? Because we looked at the build dates on these Falkens we've got: 49th week of 2001. Falkens don't have that long of a useful lifespan, so we'll wait for our new Falken 615s to show up before we start changing things willy-nilly. We got the car "built" quickly, but now we need to use the 8 months until Solo II Nationals to dial-in what we've got.

The autocross course's long straights and short braking zones made us realize that the SE-Rs stock brakes with no-name pads just don't have the stopping power that we'd like. So, we're collecting parts to improve this area of the car's performance. We're going to use Goodridge stainless brake lines from The Tire Rack and Carbotech Bobcat pads. Later we'll be upgrading to the larger brakes from the SE-Rs cousin, the NX2000.

We picked up a "Bride Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel" on eBay for $12. Of course, they hose you $28 for shipping, but still, it's a comfy steering wheel that has that super-wacky Bride "Holding Monster" logo for a horn button. We got a HKB hub adapter from one of our friends on To get the steering wheel closer to us and further away from the turn signal stalk, we used a 15mm spacer from LTB Motorsports.

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