HiTempguy New Reader
7/8/08 7:59 p.m.

Nothing special really. After I sold my Turbo Firefly last fall, I got the itch back reaaaaaal quick. The 2.sl0w golf really wasn't doing it for me. So when this car:

Came up for sale, I had to buy it back. Mainly because it was my father's which he had sold in the spring of 2007 for some extra cash for his 94 Z28 he bought. So $1100 later and I had the car in my driveway. Cool little things done to it include Swift GTi front/rear disc setup, cam+head p&p, as well as rust removal The history of the car is I found it in a junkyard with 160,000kms on it (100K miles) and a broken timing belt. They thought it was an interference motor (which it isn't) so they were going to part it out. I offered them $300, then sold it to my father. Interior/drivetrain is mint, body sucks (I have a spare red shell with no rust). This Friday the car gets a set of 15" rims put onto it (has 195/45R15 Nexen 3000 tires) plus a 2 1/4" straight pipe from the downpipe back. We don't need no stinkin' cats in Alberta ;) Add onto that the hotbits adjustable coilover setup I have on another car, plus either the SAFC or megasquirt I have kicking around and it should be fun. Puts down 85whp and 85ft/pnds right now at 10psi. Weighs 1700 pounds with a full tank.

stan GRM+ Memberand Dork
7/9/08 7:13 a.m.

...I should have kept my Swift GTi....

How does it sound with just the straight pipe?

HiTempguy New Reader
7/10/08 7:06 p.m.

I wouldn't know, I get the exhaust tomorrow morning. However I have run these cars before with an open downpipe. I find it tolerable (barely) like that but I don't think the cops would appreciate it. The turbo does a really good job at muffling the motor.

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