HappyAndy HalfDork
4/4/11 12:15 a.m.

My underground economy auto repair service is getting busy again, and this month every one that I know seems to have a mistu that's overdue for a timing belt change. Ok, only 3 people, but mitsus are outside of my comfort zone.
On deck are 2 y2k gallants with 2.4s and a 04 endevor with a sohc v6. I've done penty of sohc belts on mazda forklift engines at my day job, but they are super easy. The gallants have a seperate balancer shaft belt, does that present any special challanges? Since both are at 120k miles I plan to replace the w/p tensioner and idler pulleys, is there anything else that should be included with this job? Do the crank pulleys tend to come out easy or require a puller, and are any special tools needed? As for the v6 in the endevor, my gut says to run away, but the diagram that I found on rockauto makes it look simple. Is my instinct right or is it not so bad? If I do it I will do the w/p and pulleys too, since the pump is in the center of the V does the intake need to come off? Any special tools needed, or comon snags for this job?

If any one could send me some page from a service manual for either of these engines I would be very grateful.

EvanB SuperDork
4/4/11 6:23 a.m.

I work at a Mitsu dealer but just in parts. We usually just replace the belt and hydraulic tensioner on them. I haven't heard any use of special tools or processes needed for either. I could send you the parts diagrams but that might not help too much. I'll see if I can get some pages from the service manual for you.

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