hhaase None
1/10/14 2:03 a.m.

Short version is that I'm building an AMC Eagle, currently fitted with the original SR-4 manual. I'd like to replace it with a close ratio 5-speed. Engine is going to be a mostly stock 258 I6 at first, eventually a more aggressive 199 I6 will take its place. (Rally America displacement limit)

The problem I am finding in this is scenario is that most 4wd compatible transmissions have low first gears and wide ratios... fine for rock crawling, not so good for rallycross and stage rally. So this rules out most common swaps like the AX-15 and such. Though a Jeep/AMC T-5 could drop right in. Except the Jeep/AMC T-5's have a 4.03 first gear, and are among the weakest of the NWC T-5's.

Is it possible to get a V8 NWC gearset into a 4wd T-5, with that short output shaft? I see by the rebuild manuals that there were WC 4wd boxes, but again.... can I get the close ratio gearsets into them, and can I even get the proper adapter housing to fit on the casing?

Worst case scenario is I could always go with a TF-727 or 904/999 slushbox, but I'd rather not go to one of those 3 speed autos if I could avoid it.

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