Izzy's Cages
Izzy's Cages New Reader
9/25/10 10:24 p.m.

I have some customers building a B13 Sentra for CHUMP. They want to drop the car about 2". I've done my duty as a former SER owner to inform them that they only have 3" of suspension travel to play with.

They've approached me on the feasabilty of dropping the chassis down on the struts ... or raising the strut tower tops up 1.5-2" to retain the factory travel (since they can't just go out and get some coil-overs w/o major lap penalties/claiming etc). I have to do some major rework of the rear strut tops anyway due to some cancer issues.

I've racked my brain for a while, but need a fresh set of thoughts....The hot rodder in me says "no problem" but the fabricator in me says "there's something that's going to bite them in the arse 1/2 way into the project"... but I can't see what it is.... Obviously, they don't want to go to extreme with it and start messing with lca angles, axle angles etc...

Any thoughts on what I'm missing?

Derick Freese
Derick Freese HalfDork
9/26/10 12:48 a.m.

Just extend the tophats. As long as you make them strong, they'll be fine.

internetautomart SuperDork
9/26/10 10:16 a.m.

check the possibility of using different mounts to add some travel. I know that the 3rd gen maxima gets some more travel (once lowered) by using 4th gen mounts

jamscal Dork
9/26/10 11:07 a.m.

If you extend the tophats the suspension links/arms may bottom on something...you may still have very limited suspension travel.

Also, those links will now be at a funny angle, which may be too much for decent handling.

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