Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder SuperDork
9/22/04 4:27 p.m.

We're back from Nationals with a fifth place trophy! Mark Daddio wheeled our Project SRT-4 to a top five finish at the Tire Rack Solo National Championships this past week in Topeka, Kan. We're happy with the results and full details will be in the fourth installment of this project car series.

The SRT-4 was filmed at Topeka for Sports Car Revolution with Tom Hnatiw. We're partnering with this popular TV Show on this project, so look forward to seeing our SRT on the small screen.

Meanwhile, we're shifting gears with this project and will be installing a Mopar Stage 1 engine kit at Balanced Performance (which is also being filmed for SCR) and we'll be doing some more suspension modifications. Our plan is to attend some HPDE events.

We've gotten new graphics for the SRT-4, signifying our partnership with Sports Car Revolution. Of course, we still needed numbers for Solo II Nationals, so we used our handy-dandy number panels for this. We've stuck them to magnetic sheet to make it super easy. You can also see that we tried 205/40ZR17 Hoosier R3S04s on the back for Topeka's grippy concrete.

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