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JFX001 Dork
4/10/09 7:43 p.m.

Actually, I think that the PB Auction is alot more realistic price and penis-walleter wise than the Scottsdale extravaganza....but give it a few years.

924guy HalfDork
4/11/09 5:51 a.m.

these auctions drive people a bit nutty, I was recently approached and offered a partnership on some classic car auction profits in exchange for some labor. apparently this guy has a bunch of 60's muscle cars squirreled away someplace is ready to sell, but wants them gone through first, in exchange for a % of the end result, above a base line minimum for the owner. im seriously considering it. but there are detail to work out and i want to see the cars first. it sounds interesting though...

jde Reader
4/11/09 9:28 a.m.
slantvaliant wrote: They pre-empted Bull Run for an auction? Heresy.

No kidding. I wanted to point and laugh at some of the remaining teams, not point and laugh at the B-J circus.

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