cliff95 New Reader
4/20/10 1:21 p.m.

I'm hoping to get some information/help from people that actually use their cars for autoslalom or on the track - not just posting smack talk on forums about how low the car is.

I would like to maintain close to stock ride height on my 99 328i (the sedan). I don't want to lower it much from the height it's at now (It's likely lower then new factory stuff as it's likely on original 10yr old springs) they measure between 25-26" from ground to the top of the wheel well on all four corners currently.

Main function: Autocross (stock or ss/sp)/commuting

For the neon (the last car I shopped for), koni yellow's were the (common person's) performance strut to have - what are the equivalent strut/spring or even coil over suspension in the BMW world?

Tire Rack has the:

-Koni Coil-Over Kit - 1999 BMW 328i Manufacturer Part #: 1150-5045 on special for $1208 Tire rack puts these in the performance street category and are height/rebound adjustable.

-Koni FSD Damper Set & Springs Manufacturer Part #: 2150-4005 $804 Tire rack place this set all all performance category - struts non-adjustable, includes springs.

-Now the Koni sport strut (yellow's) are also on special for $548 at the moment, but I'd also need springs.

Any insight/recommendations on what I should do? or what you would do in my shoes?

Thanks, Cliff

Duke SuperDork
4/20/10 7:35 p.m.

A lot of people who do track work seem to like Bilsteins. I have 60,000 on my OE sport package struts, so next year I expect to do something about them, but not sure what at this time.

One thing I recommend is to drill out the locating pins at the top of the struts (they go through the top of the strut mount) and use all the bias to get a little negative camber up front. I got about a degree that way, and it helps.

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