RossD Dork
9/14/10 9:56 p.m.

I've been tossing around the idea of putting a '00 Ford Focus Zetec 2.0 liter 4-cylinder in my '77 Ford Capri. And just like everyone else on this board, I'd like to do it as cheaply as possible. Included in that would be the fuel and spark.

So the engine bolts up to the transmission in the car and the flywheel will work too, but it lacks the crank position sensor "teeth" on the back of it like the stock Zetec flywheel (which I do not have.) To keep from making a different throwout bearing or the like, I'd like to keep the old flywheel. That means I'd need a crank pulley tooth wheel and sensor. Which got me thinking about trying to use a complete stock Ford system for both fuel and spark. I'd like to use Megasquirt, but I think I can do it cheaper by going to the junk yard and removing a complete system off of a car.

I dont think I'd use a computer from a Focus because the flywheel has a different number of teeth than the older crank pulley systems and the Focus modulates the speed of the fuel pump for fuel pressure and I thinks there's security crap to worry about too...So that's out.

I'd need to start with a car with distributorless ignition and a 4 cylinder with 4 fuel injectors. I was trying to read up on Ford EEC-IV and EDIS-4 system and the websites point to the '90-'93 1.9L Escorts as a potential donor, but than what did the 2.3L in the Mustang and Rangers use to control the engine?

I'm still in the planning stages even though I already have the car and the Zetec engine sitting in the garage. I have most of the plumbing for the Zetec from throttle body to exhaust manifold.

What does the GRM world have to say? Websites to read through? Documented Builds? I'm silly for wanting to use stock Ford parts and even sillier for discounting the fun I could be having with Megasquirt?

Pictures are fun:

Thanks, Ross

Mikey52_1 Reader
9/15/10 3:53 a.m.

The Brits do a bunch of stuff that the (right-thinking) Amis don't: I'll look thru my lists of Escort/Zetec stuff and see what I can find. Looks, sounds reasonable so far though.

Mikey52_1 Reader
9/15/10 4:20 a.m. Try this site. Lots of stuff here using various iterations of Ford's inline 4. It's a good start.

RossD Dork
9/15/10 7:08 a.m.

Thanks Mikey; I've seen that site before and it does have a lot of good information. I just didnt find any on Ford EEC or EDIS info. Ford Fuel Injection is a pretty good site for an over view but I'm still wanting some more information.

iceracer Dork
9/15/10 10:27 a.m.

Wouldn't be simpler to use a Zetec flywheel and crank sensor, then modify the clutch linkage.
Also the Zetec has a returnless fuel system so you will have to take that into consideration.

MadScientistMatt Dork
9/15/10 10:28 a.m.

The flywheel has a separate trigger wheel; it doesn't read the ring gear teeth. The crank trigger is a 36-1 setup, like the CVH motors and almost all other four cylinder Fords.

2.3 DIS equipped Mustangs and OBD1 Rangers used a weird DIS with a different trigger wheel and ignition setup unlike any other Ford. The OBD2 Rangers seem to have gone back to the standard 36-1 wheel. Not sure when the cutoff year was off the top of my head, but IIRC it was earlier than usual.

RossD Dork
9/15/10 11:21 a.m.

The end of the fuel rail has a cap on it and looks like a return line should be adaptable.

Yes, trigger wheel. I forgot the term, I've seen the pictures of them, but I just dont have the manual trans flywheel for the Zetec. If the zetec's crank position sensor can work with the system from a 1.9 escort, it might be worth the $30 for a stock flywheel from the junk yard. (and for the probable weight difference too)

If the clutch disk is still in contact with the input shaft splines is there reason for concern for the different in thicknesses of the 2.3's and Zetec's flywheels?

fast_eddie_72 Reader
9/15/10 11:39 a.m.

Nothing to add, but hope it works out. I'll be watching this thread. I have thought about doing this in my '72. You might joing capri-list on yahoo groups. A lot of smart Capri guys there.

RossD Dork
9/15/10 11:44 a.m.

I'm on the list. But I hate the list's format. Not very much on the Zetec on there or the forum either. My concern is more with operating the Zetec with junk yard parts and less with the interaction with the Capri.

Fast Eddie, thats a nice capri you have there.

RossD Dork
9/28/10 2:03 p.m.

Can anyone verify that a '95 Contour with the zetec is EEC-IV (ODB-I)?

2/1/13 7:25 p.m.

Hi there, sorry for reviving an old thread but Ive got a question. I have a Ford Cortina with the 2.0 SOHC engine. I want to swap for a 2.0 Zetec silvertop (which I already have). Is the 2.0 SOHC flywheel use the same mounting pattern as your 2.3? And did it end up fitting on the engine? Thanks in advance!


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