3/24/12 7:10 p.m.

My LeMons team Autosport Labs who make the DIY Megajolt kit among other cool DIY projects have a cool project. They are running the Merkur at Infineon this weekend with an onboard data DIY Acquisition system called "Race Capture". The real cool bit is that they are broadcasting it live to the interweb.

It started with the world's first "tweeting" race car (about 2 years before Tony Stewart) which would tweet interesting bits like "driver X just set the fastest lap". This is the next iteration of the idea.

Awesome bit of application of over the counter inexpensive technology.

Please keep in mind this is a beta project and as such it may be intermittent, also the data will only be live while the race is on! That is right now!


Couple this with a JustinTv feed from your iPhone and we could have our own version of SpeedTV only better! Anthony

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