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z31maniac Dork
6/11/10 4:59 p.m.

Really the only thing I don't like is the grill. If someone could come out with a reasonbly priced grill insert to replace the stock one, it could be much better.

Oh and the wheel gap. But I see that Cobb sells some springs that give a 1" drop designed for the stock struts.

Strizzo SuperDork
6/11/10 5:25 p.m.

i owned my MS3 from 6000ish miles to just past 40k, and didnt put the downpipe on until around 30k. before that it had a cobb short ram intake and forge valve until the accessport was released, and from then on i ran stage 1+sri maps with the intake and forge.

when we went to install the downpipe, we found the crazy shaft play. there was no smoking at idle and no evidence of oil burning in the exhaust housing or turbine wheel. it had been running stock or near stock (16-17.5) boost for the majority of its life up to that point. i decided that since it hadn't started smoking and didnt look like it was leaking already, it would be ok with the cp-e downpipe. it never did smoke, even though it was running 19-21 psi for nearly the whole time i had the downpipe on it. btw, the stock MAP sensor maxes at 23psi so going any higher requires a different sensor and adjustment via the COBB accesstuner race software. I never did have any issues with the turbo, but i felt like it was getting ready to puke its lunch, then the clutch started slipping at full power, and there was the ongoing need of tires and squeaky brakes that were going to need some work within the next 6 months as well.

i would highly recommend the MS3 and don't want my comments to scare you off, my car was an april 07 build date, and some of the earlier cars had turbo issues, so just be on the lookout for early 07 MY cars.

to see if the turbo is leaking, run it hard for about 10 minutes, getting into boost and generally enjoying it, then park it and let it idle for another 5-10 minutes. if it doesn't start spewing smoke after

z31maniac Dork
6/11/10 5:56 p.m.

If I buy an MS3, it will be a new one.

Don't want ti buy one that someones been thrashing for 40k miles on higher boost that hen returns to stock and sells it/etc.

I'm very intrigued by it, need to go drive it again. The thought of ditching a rwd 300hp 2 seater sports car for a 4dr hatchback just seems wrong somehow.

iceracer Dork
6/11/10 6:18 p.m.

Saw a way to get a cheap MS3 today. Take a standard 3, put abig "Mazda Speed" sticker on the windshield and a fart can and there you go.

chitownwrx New Reader
6/22/11 10:52 p.m.

I've kept my 07 WRX relatively stock, and it still feels fast. The 2.5L turbo in the 06-07 puts you into STU instead of STX (02-05 WRX's) once you go past the D stock mods, so keep that in mind.

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