Carl Heideman
Carl Heideman
8/4/08 9:55 a.m.

One of the boons to performance enthusiasts in the last decade has been the development of quality chassis dynos--ones that don't carry six-digit prices. Finally the grassroots gearhead can operate just like the pro teams, as more shops have been purchasing and installing these dynos and offering us average folks a chance to test and tune like the big teams. …

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Jeff Blaine
Jeff Blaine New Reader
8/15/08 8:28 a.m.

Step 1: Never "tune" your car by just doing full-pull runs on a dyno.

chknhwk HalfDork
5/18/10 5:13 p.m.

I miss my '98 Cobra... :(

NickD UberDork
3/12/19 8:18 a.m.

Make sure your car is ready. No major leaks, no overheating, no misfires or other mechanical issues. Make sure the tank is full of fuel too. When I took my Miata to get it dyno-tuned last year, the tuner was pleasantly surprised when he got in it to pull it on the dyno and saw the gauge on full. I explained I had stopped at the gas station just down the street and topped it off with 93, plus a little octane booster. The tuner and shop owner both said they couldn't count the amount of times a customer showed up with a car to get it tuned, they loaded it on the dyno and then noticed that it had an eighth of a tank of fuel.

fidelity101 UltraDork
3/12/19 8:31 a.m.

also dont show up to the dyno and find out you have a fuel leak, they don't like that. ask me how I know...

wae SuperDork
3/12/19 8:56 a.m.

Your dyno results will also be much more accurate if your calipers aren't dragging hard.

edizzle89 SuperDork
3/12/19 1:53 p.m.
fidelity101 said:

also dont show up to the dyno and find out you have a fuel leak, they don't like that. ask me how I know...

SVreX MegaDork
3/12/19 2:09 p.m.

Well, that’s helpful. 

You just taught me that I don’t need to waste time and money on a dyno, because I’m not good enough to use the data effectively. 

More to learn...

oldeskewltoy UberDork
3/12/19 2:39 p.m.

inflate tires to 35-40psi.....  yes ask me how I know......... wink

speedyquest New Reader
3/14/19 9:49 a.m.

Step 1: Don't run your dyno with a computer from 1998 HAHA!

Is that even a current photo?

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