newrider3 Reader
6/23/21 7:48 p.m.

Currently pondering the ignition on the V6-swapped Starlet. Our belt driven distributor works great, except that it lacks functional advance, and the distributor has munched through it's brass bushings in a matter of 20 laps. Plan A is to rebuild the drive using a 4.3 HEI distributor and add roller bearings to the mount, but I'm considering alternatives since our Lemons team collectively has 4 or more Megasquirt collecting dust.


So, we can setup an ignition-only Megasquirt, possibly even easier than fixing our mechanical distributor drive. I would prefer to use EDIS since the module can fall back to a 10° limp mode if there is a kerfuffle with the ECU.


The Suzuki H27a is equipped with a 24t crank wheel (none missing) that is buried inside the timing cover underneath the multiple timing chains. It also uses a cam position sensor mounted to the back of the head with 6 teeth and two sensors. This cam sensor housing is what I cannibalized for the distributor drive.

On to my main question for the hive:

Due to space constraints and ease of fabrication, I would like to use the cam sensor mount to run the EDIS VR sensor. If I'm thinking about this correctly, I think I can use a 72-1-1 wheel on the cam to give the EDIS module the same info it would expect from a 36-1 on the crank. Sound reasonable?


I understand that I could send the stock Suzuki cam and crank signals to the Megasquirt and run any number of more modern and precise ignition schemes, but for Lemons the simplicity and fail-safe mode of the EDIS are highly desirable.

dean1484 GRM+ Memberand MegaDork
6/23/21 8:37 p.m.

Did this back in 2008 but with a different controller.


the short answer is you need a 72-2 or as you called it 72-1 -1 wheel on the cam and a pickup to trigger the edis box. Worked for several hundred thousand miles on my 924s. 

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