pres589 Dork
1/14/12 2:40 p.m.

It's going to be warm this weekend so I am hoping I can get out to the garage and fight with my Mustang. 1995, 302, all stock. I have a re-occuring EEC-IV trouble code 212, "Loss of IDM (Ignition Diagnostic Monitor) input to EEC or SPOUT circuit grounded". I've checked the SPOUT jumper itself and that seems good. I have procured a new adjustable timing light and some timing tape for the balancer. What do I do next?

I've read online about this as much as I can and it seems like I've either got a wiring fault or a TFI module that is on the outs. Or a PIP sensor that is dying. The car starts and drives but idle is erratic and the car doesn't pull at all over, say, 3500 RPM. I'll check continuity between the negative battery post and the engine block and inspect the wiring, pull connectors and do a ring-out of the harnesses as best as I can.

Is there a way to test a TFI module without an o-scope & function generator or should I just shot gun the part? Is there a prefered brand of replacement? I believe the 1994 and 1995 Mustang GT's used their own special TFI module, "the gray one, not the black one", based on what I've read. Wondering if the dealership is the best source for this thing, thoughts? Is there a way a guy at home can test the PIP sensor using a DVOM or some other common test equipment?

I'm really interested in an EDIS swap but I'm planning on saving that for next year with a rebuilt engine, going to the Explorer setup with an Explorer 5.0 at that time. This is to get my car into decent shape again for another year or so of use. Hoping there are some Mustang nuts here that can help

Ranger50 Dork
1/14/12 2:47 p.m.

Retard, errrr, Advance Auto has a machine that can test out ignition modules....

TFI modules are just like camshaft position sensors for PowerStrokes. They burn up for no reason at any given time.

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