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chrispy HalfDork
8/29/18 4:57 p.m.

I bought a B16a swapped EK hatch in March for daily driving and motorsports shenanigans.  Other than styling and a few lbs, there isn't too much of a difference between an EG and an EK.  It is a hoot to drive, though 3800 RPMs at 70 make it buzzy (it has a GSR transmission).  That said I'm knocking down close to 30 mpg on summer tires without trying.  Staying under 5k on the tach is easy and the switch doesn't come to almost 6k, redline is 8800.  Frankly shifting at 3500-4000 rpm feels like any other 1.6 Honda I've driven.  The power is there when you need it though.  It does dump you in SMF for autocross, but I'm in it for fun, not plastic trophies or t shirts.  The car was put together as a track toy so I did get sticky, summer, tires, a roll bar and harnesses with my purchase.  Those have been removed and stored until such time as I can afford to do time trials.  The swap was done about 10 years ago and it runs great, no smoke, no transmission issues, etc.

For handling, I have a big rear sway bar, no front bar and Koni yellows all around, I believe stock springs.  Its fairly neutral with some controllable oversteer, but I'm still figuring it out.  It doesn't feel much different than my neighbor's stock EK, though he has Koni STR with Eibach springs and uses take off Avon slicks.  My car is faster in a straight line, but cornering feels about the same.  Again, I know you have an EG, not an EK, but they are close enough.

hcaulfield57 New Reader
8/31/18 3:55 p.m.

@chrispy: Thanks for the comments. I've driven my friends EK Civic and it doesn't really drive any different than my EG (well aside from being pretty worn out and having power-steering). I think my main issue here is I'm trying to decide whether I want to make a decision based on autocross or not. I'm not really competitive, so not sure it really matters. I just want to have fun and continue learning. I am concerned that an excess of power might make me focus more on straight line speed rather than learning how to balance the car in corners.

My car is pretty neutral, although the steering is somewhat indirect and numb. No idea why, everything on the front-end is rebuilt. The numbness will largely go-away if I rotate the tires, I might have an alignment issue, not sure. I know I had it aligned with 1/16" toe-out but I'm not sure if that's enough to cause a lot of tire wear. I have like zero caster though, not sure anything can be done about that. 

hcaulfield57 New Reader
10/12/18 5:54 p.m.

I ended up finally deciding on a DOHC ZC: 128 hp 16v Non-VTEC. I think I'll be the most happy sticking with the D-series. 

I'm hoping it doesn't take too long to find one. The stock engine is totally trashed, it runs but it's not great.

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