Per Schroeder
Per Schroeder PowerDork
3/30/09 9:08 a.m.

Our MINI Cooper Clubman is performing its family daily driving chores quite well. The third door and larger back seat area make hauling a little one around quite easy. Not content to leave it at that, we installed the double-adjustable Konis from our G Stock Cooper S and got a new trailer hitch from Mini Do More to get it ready for some occasional autocross competition. The Clubman is classed in H Stock alongside the regular MINI Cooper, and we think they're well matched. It's not that much of a detriment to have some extra weight in the right rear of the car, and the extra 6-plus inches of wheelbase are hardly noticeable. Our Clubman weighs in at 2543 in autocross trim with no spare tire and a light fuel load. That's about 140 pounds more than a normal Cooper.

We still had some leftover Hoosier A6 tires from our G Stock car, so we packed them on the trailer and got ready for some fun. There was an autocross over in DeLand this past weekend and our drivers performed quite well. Per took top index, while Kim would have been second on index if she hadn't wiped out a cone. The extra wheelbase did have an impact on her runs, as it made the timing on the slaloms a little different.

Results can be seen here.

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Luke UberDork
3/31/09 6:46 p.m.

I love the color you guys chose. Looks really great.

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